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Apr. 3, 2012

Let's get engaged! NYSA wants to know you better
New York Staffing Association
The New York Staffing Association works hard to bring you the best value for your membership dollar — and we want to make it even better. But to do this, we need your help. Take the Membership Survey 2012 to share feedback about the benefits you find useful, the level of engagement you feel with your professional association and the ways NYSA helps improve your bottom line. More

'Find Your Fate' at Super Seminar Day
New York Staffing Association
Super Seminar Day, slated May 15, has a schedule that reads like a "best of" list for recruiters. Attend the keynote presentations and educational sessions to learn insider tips for winning more business, leveraging technology, generating leads, creating a culture of accountability and more. This is the best professional development for your dollar.

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Harnessing social media to boost your recruitment efforts
Recruiting Trends
According to the old adage, finding the perfect job is all about who you know. Yet, the same probably can be said about finding the perfect candidate. Never has this held truer than today, in the age of social media where "who you know" implies a far-reaching network of family, friends and acquaintances that transcends barriers of language, time and geography.More

Round-table meeting highlights issues facing recruiters
A recent round-table meeting hosted by OneWire® highlighted the difficulties and opportunities experienced by corporate recruiters in financial services when pursuing top talent. Through its client advisory board program, OneWire has been able to gain insight into how its clients juggle multiple systems to acquire talent and the challenges they face during the hiring process. More

20 competitive intelligence tools for recruiting
Talent HQ
Great recruiters and researchers use competitive intelligence in a variety ways to advance their organization's talent acquisition efforts and results — from industry information, company research, organizational charts, employee information, labor market information and overall trends. Recruiters who lead the way use competitive intelligence to position and drive influence with their hiring leaders.More

2 musts for using LinkedIn to recruit entry-level, college talent
Let's face it: LinkedIn probably is the least exciting network for young socializers and soon-to-be college graduates. Your profile picture should be professional, it's looked down upon to make a million status updates about every mundane detail of your day and you can't post pictures of your new puppy (well, you could, but your connections won't take you seriously). So, how can you tailor college recruiting efforts to younger job seekers who use LinkedIn as a rarely-checked virtual resume?More

5 supply chain jobs experiencing growth
The Daily Recruiter
Here's some good news for the supply chain industry: According to a study from Wanted Analytics, online job postings are up 24 percent for supply chain positions, totaling 49,000 in the past 90 days. But which jobs are in high demand? Here are the five hottest jobs in logistics and the supply chain, and the skills and backgrounds necessary for success.More

Stepping toward recruiting innovation
Innovation has become a requirement for recruiting teams. We hear about it, but how do you start making practical moves to be innovative and still stay in your comfort zone? More

Top 10 ways to recruit by moving the company toward the candidates
A recent conference presentation by Joel Spolsky offered recruiters a simple message: As a recruiter, you need to "either bring the candidates to you or move the company toward the candidates." Here are 10 ways to do that. More

Use employer stories to attract, engage candidates
Attracting the best talent is challenging, especially when you're trying to nab passive job seekers. They're more thoughtful and cautious about risking their current job to start over someplace else. And while you can entice these candidates with facts about the job, it won't be enough to close the deal. That's where employer stories come into play.More

5 really dumb employment practices
People who have had bad job search experiences shared their worst pet peeves about current employment practices with a career expert who passes along the wisdom of the crowd in a boiled-down list of five practices to avoid.More