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Apr. 14, 2015

What does big data have to do with your contingent workforce?
The Staffing Stream
For the past few years, everyone has been talking about “Big Data.” Articles speak of the promise of analyzing data to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions. Companies have established enterprise analytics teams, and human resources functions have created metrics teams to perform “talent analysis.” How much of this effort is focused on creating the optimal contingent workforce? To answer that question, we need to examine the purpose of Big Data analysis.More

Email marketing tools for staffing
Staffing Talk
It's no secret that email is still the marketing weapon of choice for staffing sales and recruiting. Done right, it saves time and wins business. That makes it critical to use the best email marketing tools available.More

New York's expensive startup initiative only created 76 jobs
The Verge
When Governor Andrew Cuomo launched Start-Up New York in late 2013, his office called it a "game-changing" initiative that promised "a windfall" of innovation. The program established 356 tax-free zones in order to "attract high-tech and other start-ups." However, a new report from the state's Department of Economic Development found that the initiative only created 76 jobs in 2014, despite a $28 million ad campaign.More

5 ways to transform recruitment email marketing
Despite the multitude of new communications channels employers can use to connect with talent, email is still one of the best ways to reach them. But to do so most effectively — in terms of attracting and building relationships with the best candidates — recruiting teams can learn a lot from their marketing counterparts.More

1 in 5 employers has unknowingly asked an illegal interview question
Job seekers may think they’re the only ones sweating the job interview – afraid they’ll say the wrong thing or answer inappropriately – but hiring managers are under just as much pressure. When it comes to drawing the line between what is and isn’t appropriate to ask a job candidate, the parameters aren’t always clear. In a recent CareerBuilder survey, 20 percent of hiring managers indicated they have asked a question in a job interview only to find out later that it was illegal to ask. The survey also revealed the less-conventional interview questions hiring managers have asked to see what really makes a candidate tick.More

Are your staffing costs being properly tracked?
The Staffing Stream
The on-demand labor boom has provided tremendous opportunities for businesses to strategically access new sources of freelance talent. Unfortunately, the talent rush has left many companies unequipped to deal with the nuances (labor compliance, talent curation, etc.) associated with non-traditional work.More

Dealing with underachieving employees
By Billy Arcement
In today's competitive work environment, leaders are charged with maximizing employee productivity, minimizing costs and improving profits — not always an easy task keeping all three going well. Among the monitoring responsibilities, people performance is high on the list. So, how should a leader approach an employee who is clearly underachieving and impacting productivity, costs and profits?More

Survey says 63 percent believe ACA will negatively impact business
Staffing Industry Analysts
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s impact on businesses is getting worse, according to a survey by Express Employment Professionals. The survey of business owners, decision makers and human resource professionals found 63 percent believe the ACA will negatively affect their business in the future, up from 53 percent in 2014’s survey. Similarly, 62 percent believe the ACA will lead to less job creation, up slightly from 2014.More