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Apr. 16, 2013

Forecast: Staffing industry to grow 6 percent in 2014
Staffing Industry Analysts
The U.S. staffing industry will grow 6 percent in both 2013 and 2014, according to the "U.S. Staffing Industry Forecast: April update," released by Staffing Industry Analysts on April 9. This represents a deceleration when compared with last year as the industry nears its historical peak.More

ASA explains the look-back rule
The Staffing Stream
Ed Lenz, senior counsel of the American Staffing Association, led the staffing industry's discussions with the Obama administration on the proposed look-back rules for determining the full-time status of temporary employees. Lenz disagrees with a recent post's characterizations of regulations published by the Treasury Department and the IRS on Jan. 2.More

H-1B fight to go on, staffing firms not barred for now
Staffing Industry Analysts
A proposed provision in a federal comprehensive immigration bill that would have prohibited use of H-1B visas by staffing firms was up for a decision last week. However, TechServe Alliance CEO Mark Roberts said it does not appear such use will be barred. Still, Roberts cautioned there are more battles to come in the legislative process.More

Randstad: Most employees optimistic about future, job security
HR services and staffing firm Randstad revealed that U.S. workers express feeling secure in their jobs and are generally optimistic about the future. About 75 percent of workers responding to the Randstad Engagement Index reported feeling secure in their jobs and 5 percent foresee an improvement in the job market throughout 2012.More

No headcount for social recruiting? How to get the funds you need
It appears that social recruiting is here to stay. The social recruiting site options are growing in number and the expectations for a great candidate experience are mounting. While most of the surveys, statistics, and comments seem to indicate the jury is still out on its effectiveness, one thing's for sure: To do it well takes a passion, a strategy and a lot of time. And time is a commodity.More

Who should you hire? LinkedIn says try our algorithm
LinkedIn has upended corporate recruiting in the past decade, allowing talent scouts to scour a vast database of 200 million people's career profiles. That was just the start. Now LinkedIn has created algorithms that might do the sorting even more nimbly. The result? A digital cheat-sheet for recruiters called "People You May Want to Hire."More

Is having fun at work underrated?
Staffing Talk
How much fun do you have at work? During a time when there is still economic volatility and uncertainty, most of us know a few, or quite a few, people out of work. Having fun on the job has probably fallen down the list of priorities, but several experts say it shouldn't be that way.More

Lying in the hiring process: What HR needs to know
HR Morning
People lie all the time during the hiring process. It's up to HR and hiring managers to catch those liars. Where are those fibs being told — and how can you prevent them?More