The NYSA News
May. 6, 2014

4 easy ways to have a better day at work
By Catherine Iste
As HR professionals, my peers and I are constantly bombarded by negative things at work. A typical day in HR can include employees complaining about each other, their pay or problems with their benefits. Few people go to HR because they are happy about how things are going at work. Despite that, the best HR people are able to handle the constant stream of issues, enjoy their work and come back motivated the next day. What I have found, and what you have likely read before, is that it is all about attitude. But how do you change your attitude when you are in the midst of a bad day?More

Managing: How long to give a candidate to think over a job offer?
Buffalo Business First
What is a reasonable period of time to let a candidate consider a job offer and what is best way to phrase that window? I hate to say “you have 48 hours to think it over!” But candidates generally request a week if I ask them for a time frame. More

Here's how you need to upgrade your behavioral interviews
You would be hard pressed to find a candidate today who isn’t familiar with and prepared for a behavioral interview. A behavioral interview is based on the premise that past performance predicts future behavior. It’s designed to elicit information about how candidates handled a past challenge and the behaviors and decision-making process that went into it. More

Spring expected to usher in strong US job growth
U.S. employment likely rose at its fastest clip in five months in April and the jobless rate probably dropped in a show of strong economic momentum after a gloomy winter. More

10 negative employee behaviors that undermine success
By Greg L. Alston
As managers, we expect the best behavior from each member of our team all the time. We fully expect our workgroups to be constructive and positive. We expect each member to contribute to a professional environment every day. But in the real world of business, how do you know when someone is damaging the success of your enterprise? How do you know when to cut someone some slack or terminate their employment? These are the 10 major negative behaviors that simply cannot be tolerated in a productive workplace. More

Minimum wage increase fails again, but issue isn't going away
Albany Business Review
In case anyone forgot there’s a congressional election coming up, the Senate held yet another doomed-to-fail vote on raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. More

Increasing staffing company value
The Staffing Stream
In addition to the more commonly considered factors related to value (i.e., the financial conditions of the entity), rigorous internal controls play a role in adding to enterprise value. The application of such controls generally relate to two aspects of a company’s operations: revenue and asset retention; and liabilities. More

Staffing sales trumps recruitment in pay, survey says
Staffing Industry Analysts
Sales roles trump recruiting roles when it comes to average salary, according to a new report released by staffing software provider Bullhorn. The average compensation for “salesperson/account manager” was $92,000 in 2013, according the report. That compares to an average salary of $74,000 for recruiters. More

3 solid reasons to fire a client
Staffing Talk
At the end of the day, it’s really not all that difficult to fire an employee. Sure, there’s general unpleasantness and bad, even sympathetic feelings involved, but if the person really deserves it, the termination process can be, at the very least, satisfying, if not to some degree cathartic. It’s certainly not our favorite task, but staffing professionals will easily terminate both internal and external staff when necessary. It sounds callous, but sometimes pruning the dead wood from a tree is the exact thing it needs to really flourish. More