The NYSA News
May. 8, 2012

A fateful day: Super Seminar on the horizon
New York Staffing Association
The countdown is ticking to Super Seminar 2012: Find Your Fate, May 15 at The Association of the Bar of the City of New York. Recruiting professionals from New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts will get the inside track on how to grow your business, leverage technology and avoid legal quagmires during the full-day educational program. Plus, a cocktail reception offers the perfect chance to connect one-on-one with fellow recruiters who understand the challenges and triumphs you face.More

3 ways to recruit like a hipster
Hipsters have been around for so long that even hipsters are hipster (whatever that means). Sometimes doing things the "vintage" way can be fun and more effective. The best of the old-school ways have been rounded up into this recruiting version of "The Hipster Handbook."More

Temp hiring resumes upward growth, but April jobs numbers lag
The Fordyce Letter
Hiring by staffing and employment agencies continued its upward trajectory during April, but even the strong showing couldn't overcome the generally sluggish hiring by American businesses last month, as shown in a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report issued May 4.More

Top 5 reasons to test before you invest in health care candidates
Prophecy Healthcare® via Blue Sky
As a health care competency testing provider, we hear a very reasonable question from staffing agencies: "Why would testing our clinicians benefit us?" From an agency's perspective, adding another step to the application process might seem like it deters an applicant from applying. So, let's tackle this question with the top 5 reasons why staffing agencies should test clinical competencies before hiring a caregiver.More

Upstate cities face perilous times
The Ithaca Journal
The state's fiscal woes may have been largely remedied, but the problems have been pushed down to local governments. And perhaps nowhere is it more pronounced than in upstate cities. Most large cities in New York are preparing their budgets for a fiscal year that starts July 1. Mayors are warning of more layoffs and services cuts to deal with a declining tax base and growing costs.More

Timing is critical
Recruiting Trends
In the recruiting profession, timing is critical. Whether you are a third-party recruiter or a corporate recruiter, the competition for top talent is fierce. The market has changed to a candidate-driven climate, but many hiring authorities don't realize the competition for top talent. When you are discussing an opportunity with hiring authorities, you need to clarify timing.More

Where to find candidates with a degree (or 2)
The Business Journals
The percentage of college-educated young adults is larger in the Boston area than anywhere else in America. Nearly two-fifths of the 18- to 34-year-olds in the Boston market — 39.2 percent, to be precise — hold bachelor's degrees, according to the latest figures from the U.S. Census Bureau. The New York-Long Island-New Jersey region was rated sixth, with 33.12 percent of its working population holding at least a bachelor's degree.More

A marketing mix approach to sourcing
When Seven Step RPO sourcing manager Sal Loukos starts on a new requisition, she doesn't fire up her Web browser and go to a search engine, LinkedIn, Twitter or a job board. She also doesn't pick up her phone and start calling potential candidates. Instead, she sits down and thinks about the way in which she'll market that job opening.More

'Escrow' company launching for recruiting
The Fordyce Letter
What began with a frustrated CEO is turning into a new website for contingent recruiters and corporate recruiting departments to interact online and handle the financial transaction, a bit like an escrow when you're buying a house.More

How to attract top talent with thought leadership
"RecruitLoop" sits down with Grant Butler, author of "Think Write Grow: How to Become a Thought Leader and Build Your Business by Creating Exceptional Articles, Blogs, Speeches, Books and More." Grant shares his expertise on how thought leadership can help you build a strong employer brand and how that, in turn, will help you attract the best talent. More