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May. 22, 2012

5 recruiting lessons from Ferris Bueller
The Resumator
Imagine if Ferris Bueller, from the iconic 1986 movie by John Hughes, had a technology startup. What would he do to find the right talent? Five of Ferris' quotes actually offer timeless recruiting lessons.More

Private-sector jobs hit all-time high in New York
New York State Department of Labor
Since the beginning of the state's economic recovery in November 2009, New York state has added 335,100 private-sector jobs and regained all those lost during the recession, according to the most recent report from the state's Labor Department. The state's private-sector job count now stands at 7,319,600 — an all-time high. More

Talent management taps the semantic cloud
Large employers with complex and rapidly evolving labor needs require an integrated talent management system that will support long-term success. Unfortunately, such a solution has been easy to imagine but nearly impossible to realize. To that end, HR executives look to data mining and data analytics to boost the power of their workforce planning, allowing them to anticipate specific needs for learning and development programs that can fill potential talent shortages.More

Brooklyn Navy Yard to build $46 million green manufacturing center
Governor's Press Office
More than 300 permanent new jobs will be created when the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corp. converts three former Navy machine shops into a state-of-the-art industrial complex for green manufacturing.More

The reality of finding talent on Facebook
As Facebook went public came two interesting pieces of news. The first was a CNBC poll that shows about half of all Americans consider Facebook to be a fad that will fade away as new things come along. The second was an announcement from GM that it plans to stop advertising on the social network. This has some implications for recruiters using social media as a sourcing channel. More

7 signs you need a software upgrade
Many staffing firms use QuickBooks — and many don't recognize when they've outgrown the software. While QuickBooks is a cost-effective solution for small businesses, high-growth staffing firms quickly mature beyond its capabilities as their business needs become more complex. So how do you know if it's time for a software upgrade?More

US economists upbeat on jobs
A new survey shows economists in the United States are growing slightly more optimistic about recovery in the job and housing markets, although they expect other pillars of the economy to remain weak. The National Association for Business Economists said in a report issued May 21 that its forecasters expect modest growth for the remainder of the year, with the pace picking up in 2013. The panel now expects average monthly job growth for 2012 of 188,000, up from its forecast in February for 170,000 new jobs per month this year. More

A message to companies looking to hire
Cora Mae Lengeman
Making your company look great while recruiting new hires sounds simple, doesn't it? Well, it's not. In this article, Cora Mae Lengeman offers two real examples of what doesn't make your company look good to potential candidates.More

3 recruitment marketing and design tips to reach the right candidates
Finding the best talent is a delicate operation that should start not with the resume reviewer but with the job poster. Follow these tips to a more effective recruitment marketing design.More

Survey: 8 qualities employers want most
A nationwide survey of 174 employers by OI Partners, an organization that describes itself as a global talent management company, pegged the eight most desired qualities employers are seeking in their employees. Does your list of top traits match up?More