The NYSA News
May. 28, 2013

Modern Etiquette: The power of business networking
There's an old adage, "it's not what you know, it's who you know." That adage couldn't be more appropriate in today's competitive job market. And networking (especially when you're employed) can be the key to staying employed and staying on a clear career track.More

How many grads have jobs related to their major?
A new study suggests the American workforce is remarkably over-educated and underemployed. The young adult workforce, this research claims, holds degrees, but works menial jobs that don't call for the skills they learned in college. Think the stereotypical liberal arts major serving up coffee or philosophy grad dressing storefront mannequins. But is that really the case?More

How to build a business case for your recruitment spending
What did your company spend on hiring last year? If you're really not sure, you've got plenty of company. Given the decentralized talent acquisition model that many companies use, it's nearly impossible to pinpoint the actual spending — and the true return on that investment. More

3 selling techniques you must use in your job search
The Business Review
It's a new world out there! The job market is much more competitive, hiring managers can't afford to take risks by hiring the wrong person, and candidates must be the best every step of the way through the job-search process.More

Enough excuses, recruiters: Get back to the basics of genuine conversation
Recruiting Trends
It's become amazingly easy in today's tech-savvy world to hide behind a computer screen. In a recent Pew Research Study, 13 percent of American adults admitted to texting or playing games on their phone to prevent interacting and engagement in social situations. We're all guilty of hiding from each other!More

6 great reasons not to lose a candidate
Howard Adamsky writes, "Losing a great candidate is a painful and disheartening experience. I for one, beat myself and wonder what I could have done differently as I do a cerebral post mortem. Sadly, it is the occupational hazard with which we live daily and it is a part of the game of recruiting. With that in mind, we all need to learn from our mistakes and do our best not to repeat them."More

Most miss the mark on social recruiting
The Staffing Stream
Social recruiting represents an incredible opportunity for the staffing and recruiting industry, and with the vast majority of recruiters leveraging LinkedIn in 2012, the groundwork has been laid.More

OSHA steps up temp safety efforts
HRE Online
When the Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced its initiative to focus more on the safety and health of temporary workers, the message was clear: It's time to get more serious about keeping temp workers safe.More