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Jun. 4, 2013

The financial impact of the ACA on contingent workforce programs
The Staffing Stream
When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2014, it will create broad changes to the U.S. health care system that will have a dramatic impact on employers and citizens.More

List the 20 traits you want in your next hire
Try this for your next hire: have a manager come up with a list of about 20 different traits she'd like to have in the new employee who'll take the job. Consider the work environment and performance expectations: What skills and traits does an employee need to possess to excel at the job? Be specific.More

Skill shortage crisis — or opportunity of the century?
Recruiting Trends
Businesses around the globe are reporting a severe skill shortage that is weighing on their ability to grow. How severe is this shortage? Have we reached a level of epic proportions?More

7 tips to become a successful recruiter
The Staffing Stream
Being a recruiter allows you the freedom to be creative in your profession. Many recruiters love their jobs because they build a world around them — a world of career-minded, driven, money-motivated, and competitive professionals.More

What college grads want, what hiring managers want
Recruiting Trends
A survey of nearly 66,000 undergraduate students, conducted by global employer brand research firm Universum, finds that work/life balance and a secure job remain the top career goals of students. However, landing a job that meets their criteria may not be as easy as these students might expect.More

Tracking turnover
HRE Online
A recent study finds nearly half of employees reporting their ideal level of turnover as being between 0 percent and 10 percent. Experts caution that acceptable turnover rates can vary greatly from company to company, and urge HR to carefully weigh the right variables and implement processes to get a clear picture of turnover's impact on the organization.More

Essential networking: Review your contacts quarterly
The Epoch Times
Networking is an integral part of your business and personal life and there is a need to create new relationships face-to-face. Business networking offers great advantages since it can reach a wide audience including valuable decision makers, which would be difficult to meet through other marketing channels. It should, therefore, be viewed as strategic activity to build your connections over the long term.More

Troubles managing hiring? Software that can help
It would surprise many job seekers, but if you've ever hired someone, you know that most hiring managers dislike the interview process almost as much as candidates do. In 30 minutes to an hour, a manager is supposed to be able to figure out not only if this person can do the job, but if the candidate will fit the culture, work hard, and be worth the offered salary.More

The 10 toughest jobs to fill this year
Forty percent of employers in the U.S. have job vacancies, but can't find the skilled workers to fill them, according to the latest skills survey from staffing agency ManpowerGroup. For those of you hiding under a rock for the past half-decade, that's what we call the skills gap. The disparity between employers' need and workforce ability.More