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Jun. 9, 2015

US temp jobs jump in May, overall job growth beats expectations
Staffing Industry Analysts
The U.S. had 20,100 more temp jobs in May than April, up from an increase of 16,100 in April based on revised numbers, according to seasonally adjusted data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. In addition, the temp penetration rate in May rose to 2.049% from April’s rate of 2.039%. The penetration rate reflects temporary help services jobs as a percent of total US nonfarm employment.More

Staffing services improve pace, Beige Book says
Staffing Industry Analysts
Demand for staffing services generally grew at a stable or improved pace from early April to late May, according to the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book report released Wednesday. The Beige Book, a collection of observations from the 12 federal regional banks, provides a snapshot of current economic conditions. Demand for staffing services ticked up in the Cleveland and Dallas districts and grew at steady pace in the Philadelphia and Chicago districts. A recruiting firm in the Minneapolis district reported demand expanded at a faster clip compared with the past few years. However, an employment agency in the New York district said hiring activity slowed slightly from the brisk pace seen in March, and reports from staffing agencies in the Boston district were mixed, ranging from strong growth in demand to continued weakness.More

The story no one ever hears about staffing
Staffing Talk
Let’s face it, as more and more companies turn to staffing agencies to meet their personnel demands, staffing in general has developed a bad reputation among some sectors of the public. Certainly, some of this is the result of unscrupulous agencies doing unscrupulous things, but the majority of it is because, unfortunately, the public is massively unaware of what we do, how we do it, and how what we do can help everyone involved, including you. Today we’d like to offer our take on why staffing agencies are good for companies, for employees, and for the overall economy.More

A combination of social media and staffing software can generate successful results
The Staffing Stream
Staffing firms cannot solely rely on networking websites to search for new talent. While these networks can certainly be useful tools, they should act as complements to other recruiting mechanisms instead of an individual initiative.More

Employers turning to agencies to fill toughest jobs
Online job postings for tech and accounting professionals have cooled significantly since 2013 when so many companies were hiring accountants and software engineers that the jobs were among the most advertised online. Now they’ve been replaced by retail and customer facing jobs on Wanted Analytics’ list of the Top 25 Most Common Jobs Posted Online. What this means, as an earlier report from Wanted said, is that employers are giving up recruiting for the toughest jobs, and instead are turning them over to agencies and staffing firms to fill.More

Retaining recruiters
Human Resource Executive Online
Recruiters are more satisfied with their careers than other professionals, according to new research, yet they’re also more than twice as likely to be active job seekers. Experts weigh in on what it takes to keep recruiters happy in a job they already enjoy.More

US continues to suffer the most from 'Sunday night blues'
A global poll conducted by Monster reveals that, 76 percent of respondents in the US report having "really bad" Sunday night blues. This differs greatly from the rest of the world, where only 45 percent report experiencing "really bad" Sunday night blues.More

3 industry secrets that could rescue your employee referral program
Is your employee referral scheme letting you down? Did you start the program expecting big things, only to find that the scheme has failed to even remotely live up to your expectations? As you survey the wreckage of your failed referral scheme, you might ask yourself whether you should ditch your employee referral program (ERP) altogether. You may be frustrated, but abandoning your ERP would be a shame. Research shows that ERPs, if implemented well, can deliver superior hiring results.More