June. 14, 2011

Where are the jobs?
For the ninth consecutive week, initial claims for unemployment rose, meaning the number of jobless Americans getting assistance holds steady at 3.68 million, according to a report released by the Labor Department.More

Discriminating against non-citizens
Human Resource Executive Online
A review of state and federal laws finds it is illegal for employers to discriminate based on a worker's citizenship — and there probably is no difference whether the worker is in the United States legally or illegally.More

Get NYSA News on your smartphone
New York Staffing Association
NYSA understands the need to deliver timely, relevant news to its members. In partnering with MultiBriefs to create NYSA News, the association committed itself to providing updates on a weekly basis. NYSA News also is available on the MultiBriefs app, available for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch in the App Store. Simply search "MultiBriefs" and download the app free of charge. After it's downloaded, you may add the NYSA feed by clicking the "Edit" button, searching the "Business Management" category and selecting NYSA. News is streamed into your iPhone or iPod Touch each week. Android phone users also may access the app by going to the Android Marketplace and searching "MultiBriefs" to access the Android version of the app.More

Refresh your knowledge of Hospitality Wage Order
New York State Department of Labor
Changes went into effect this year concerning wages in the restaurant and hotel industries. Read this summary as a refresher before the tourism season demands all hands on deck in hospitality jobs.More

Consulting visits focused on growth up 400 percent
Business Insider
In 2009, an astronomical 87 percent of consulting visits by companies like McKinsey were focused on cost cutting, according to Kennedy Information. This year, 47 percent of such visits are focused on paring down, but 53 percent are aimed at growth strategies.More

How to interview someone you already know
Harvard Business Review via Business Insider
If you already know a job candidate you're preparing to interview, what else is there to learn, right? Wrong. When conducted well, internal interviews can provide valuable new insight into a known candidate. More

Treat all candidates as passive to increase quality of hire
There's an old adage that you should treat candidates as customers. Somehow this has been forgotten in the current era of high unemployment and slow job growth.More

Recruiting just like fishing: 6 simple steps to great day
Glen Jaffee went on a fishing trip and found business inspiration. "I realized our clients actually go fishing every day, and their hope is to have a great day like I had. So let me share my six simple steps to a 'great day,'" he writes.More

Winning at recruiting with diversity strategy
Recruiting Trends
As the economy worsened and the job market became flooded with the unemployed, many employers chose to put their diversity recruiting strategies on hold. But recent research shows this strategy could be detrimental to your company and employees, in terms of recruiting and retaining top talent.More