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Jun. 26, 2012

5 ways to reduce recruiter stress
Recruiting Trends
You will never hear most recruiters say, "We are in an easy profession." However, recruiting can be one of the most gratifying. But you can't deal with the stress level of your candidates, clients and co-workers if you're stressed out. Learn how to reduce your stress level and you will increase your effectiveness.More

Meet Western New York's 54 fastest-growing companies
Buffalo Business First
The 2012 Fast Track Companies of Western New York includes 54 privately held companies with impressive sales growth and promise. Who's on this list?More

Unemployment rates creeping upward throughout New York
New York State Department of Labor
Statewide unemployment rates are on the rise, according to data comparing May's labor statistics to the May 2011 reports released by the New York State Department of Labor. More

How to use social media for employee referrals
The war for talent is more competitive than ever. Every company wants the best and the brightest on its team, but traditional candidate sourcing methods may not cut it anymore. More than ever, recruiters and hiring managers are looking to their internal network to help them find the right fit. More

The Skype interview experience
The Daily Recruiter
Companies and agencies continue to be challenged to find ways of cutting costs, especially when it comes to travel and entertainment. Interviewing long-distance is the perfect solution to slashing thousands of dollars off of the corporate recruiting budget. The latest trend in job interviews is to use Skype technology to screen and interview applicants. More

Wall Street jobs grow, defying forecasts
Crain's New York Business
ProShares, which creates securities traded by hedge fund managers and other sophisticated investors, was finding it difficult to persuade Wall Streeters to work at its headquarters in Bethesda, Md. So, on June 20, it opened its first office in New York. The arrival of outfits like ProShares illustrates how the city's financial sector has remained surprisingly resilient even as big Wall Street banks are issuing pink slips by the thousands. More

Welcome to the boss-less company
The Wall Street Journal
Companies have been flattening their management hierarchies in recent years, eliminating layers of middle management that can create bottlenecks and slow productivity. The handful that have taken the idea a step further, dispensing with most bosses entirely, say the setup helps motivate employees and makes them more flexible, even if it means some tasks, such as decision-making and hiring, can take a while.More

Malcolm Gladwell shares why millenials are 'so very different'
Why is the millennial generation different, and what is distinctive about this generation? "The Tipping Point" author Malcolm Gladwell shared his insights on this topic during the recent SHRM Conference and Exhibition.More