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Aug. 6, 2013

US temp jobs edge higher, penetration rate unchanged
Staffing Industry Analysts
Temporary help services job in the U.S. rose by 7,700 in July on a seasonally adjusted basis to almost 2.70 million, according to data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The month-over-month increase of 0.3 percent represents little change. In addition, the year-over-year growth rate for temp jobs in July eased from June and was down from July 2012.More

Many new jobs are part time and low-paying
U.S. employers added a disappointing 162,000 jobs in July, but some economists are even more concerned about the types of jobs the economy is generating. Job growth in recent months has skewed toward part-time work in low-wage industries, and that trend continued in July, Bureau of Labor Statistics figures show.More

10 tips for reducing the risk of employment-related litigation
By D. Albert Brannen
This article offers tips for minimizing or avoiding employment-related liability. These tips apply even to employers who may not have enough employees to be covered by the major federal employment laws such as Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act or the Family and Medical Leave Act.More

The many perils of interview handshakes — and why they cause you to lose top candidates
You've probably had it happen to you at the start of an interview. You extend your hand and in return you get a wimpy handshake, a "fist-bump" substitute, or a wet clammy handshake that is an intermediate turnoff. Although weak hiring handshakes are quite common, to most they may seem like an insignificant part of interviewing. But everyone involved in the hiring process needs to take notice and be aware of the high negative business impact of handshake bias.More

Tweeting about a new job can get you sued
When they move to a new company, executives and employees these days often break the news on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. But such status updates about how a person is "excited to start the next chapter" at a new company, now shared as commonly as vacation pictures, could have consequences beyond just drawing the ire of jealous friends: They could lead to legal trouble.More

The 3 hottest growth opportunities in staffing
The Staffing Stream
There's no denying that the way talent is recruited, retained and evaluated is changing before our eyes. What does that mean for tech companies, consultants and other service providers in the space? Growth opportunities.More

Today's so-so jobs numbers: 5 takeaways for business
Washington Bureau via Albany Business Review
The good news is the unemployment rate dropped to 7.4 percent, its lowest level since December 2008. The bad news is the economy added only 162,000 jobs in July, below expectations. Those are the headline numbers from today's jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But beyond the headlines, here are five things to consider as you evaluate what this latest report means for your business and the overall economy.More

Nabbing the best and brightest millennials for your company
Like most generations, millennials have been branded with a variety of stereotypes. A Pew Research Center quiz, "How Millennial Are You," gets to the core of the stereotype by asking questions like "How many text messages have you sent/received in the last 24 hours?" and "In the past 24 hours, did you read a daily newspaper or not?" and then delivering a score based on how much you align with the millennial mindset. A lot of people take these quizzes for fun. But with millennials expected to make up half the workforce by 2020, understanding their common behaviors and preferences, especially in a workplace context, is no joke.More

Let's clarify E-Verify
If immigration reform passes in its current form, employers will have to become very familiar with E-Verify, but experts say the system is less cumbersome than it used to be.More