Aug. 9, 2011

How to become a recruiting rock star
Human Resources iQ
Matt LeBlanc writes, "Of all the skills it takes to become proficient at recruiting, the one that eludes so many in our ranks is the ability to dive deep into a database (or the Internet) and find that candidate who is not 'low-hanging fruit.'"More

Senate introduces bill to prohibit discrimination against unemployed
MMD Newswire via Nation's Restaurant News
Hiring policies that say applicants must "be currently employed" moved one step closer to being outlawed as legislation was introduced in the Senate to prohibit discrimination against unemployed job seekers. More

Buffalo, Rochester place in top 20 in US job rankings
Buffalo Business First
Buffalo and Rochester are among America's 20 top-rated metropolitan areas in terms of employment strength, according to national rankings from On Numbers. Rochester is ranked ninth, while Buffalo placed 19th.More

Recession II? Probably not, staffing executives say
A sequel to the Great Recession in the United States just two years after the downturn is not likely because demand for temporary workers — a leading indicator of both upturns and downturns — remains steady, staffing industry executives say.More

Employers urged to address talent time bomb
People Management
Employers need to address the problem of the "five-year itch," as nearly a third of staff plan to leave their jobs within five years, according to the Inspiring Talent 2011 survey conducted in 14 countries.More

6 C's of passive candidate recruiting — plus 1
As Malcolm Gladwell points out in his bestseller "The Tipping Point," little things can make a big difference. The same is true when it comes to finding, recruiting and hiring passive candidates.More

All about talent: Snapshot of Global RPO Report
The fourth Global RPO Report launched in August shows a skills shortage remains an enduring problem, according to more than 500 global HR and business leaders. Those same people say they are outsourcing an increasing amount of recruitment to try to fix the problem.More

Millennials: Better, worse or just different?
A 60-something worker reflects, "We wanted what [young professionals today] want. We just felt we couldn't ask. Herein lies the truth: What young workers want isn't so different from what everyone else wants. However, younger workers are asking for it."More

21st century nepotism
Recruiting Trends
Nepotism has existed for a long time, born from small, family-run establishments with an interest in "keeping it in the family." Moving forward, with organizations growing, expanding, extending and outsourcing in mammoth proportions, does nepotism appear to be a fair process?More

Intelligence lost: The boomers are exiting
Bloomberg Businessweek
The U.S. business community is facing a war of intelligence attrition. Fortune 500s will see countless experienced knowledge workers walk out the door during the coming years.More