The NYSA News
Aug. 20, 2013

Inspections of temporary worker agencies double in response to OSHA memorandum
Bloomberg BNA
Since inspectors from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration were told April 29 to pay more attention to issues involving temporary workers, the number of inspections of temporary staffing agencies has doubled compared with last year, OSHA inspection data show.More

State unemployment rate of 7.5 percent remains at lowest level since early 2009 and rate outside New York City dips to 6.8 percent
New York State Department of Labor
Between June and July 2013, New York State's unemployment rate was unchanged at 7.5 percent, remaining at its lowest level since February 2009, according to preliminary figures released by the New York State Department of Labor.More

What do job seekers use to find jobs?
Staffing Industry Analysts
Although the use of mobile devices in job searches has increased, still 94 percent of job seekers say they are most likely to use their computer to search for their next job, according to digital advertising agency HireClix. More

The value of an upset employee
By Mel Kleiman
While every cloud has a silver lining, it can be hard to discern when the cloud is an upset employee. When you're dealing with employees, inevitably some will feel misunderstood, wrongly judged or have their feelings hurt — and responding appropriately to strong negative emotions can be a challenge. When employees do air their grievances, you actually owe them a debt of gratitude.More

Don't forget the critical role that healthcare benefits play in recruiting and retention
From the employer's perspective, most of the recent publicity relating to offering health care benefits has been focused on the added cost and burden of providing those benefits to a firm's employees. However, many employers and especially small businesses seem to have failed to realize that offering healthcare benefits is one of the most powerful attraction and retention factors on the planet.More

Is your staffing sales team the engine or the caboose?
Staffing Talk
Landing the meeting and getting the job order. Is that the extent of the "strategy" behind your staffing company's sales process? Do you think sales is just a numbers game, and that simply hopping back on the hamster wheel, and generating more "activity," will automatically generate more deals? More

Cross-selling in the staffing sector
The Staffing Stream
Frank Troppe writes, "Who is responsible for cross-selling in a staffing company — should it be left up to the individual salespeople? I don't think so. Cross-selling as energetic, uncoordinated pursuits by salespeople is what Sun Tzu might call tactics without strategy or 'the noise before defeat.'"More

Forecasters lower outlook for US economy
Staffing Industry Analysts
The economic outlook for the U.S. over the next four years is weaker than projected three months ago, according to the new third-quarter Survey of Professional Forecasters by the Philadelphia Federal Reserve. More

Is contract work leading the economic recovery?
The Staffing Stream
In light of recent comments from the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, the U.S. markets have been particularly unstable. Bernanke warned Congress that the public sector is hemorrhaging jobs; 39,000 government jobs were lost in the past year.More

The little-known secret to recruiting success: 1 question you must ask yourself
For today's recruiters, there's no shortage of new. New ideas on how to become better recruiters. New systems. New conferences. New tools. New techniques. New tips. New "best practices." New processes. New blog posts. New communities of practice. New social media sites. New articles (dare I say, like this one!). New thought leaders. You get the idea.More