Aug. 30, 2011

Google social: What does it mean for recruiting?
Recruiting Trends
Google+, Sparks, Circles: It is obvious that after a long delay and several unsuccessful attempts Google is serious about extending its services into the social media space. This time it likely will have a significant effect on the way people use social media — but will it affect recruiting strategies?More

Personal income rises throughout state
Rochester Business Journal
Data from the U.S. Bureau of Economics shows that personal income rose in areas surrounding Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse.More

Staffing agencies face challenges
The Record
Staffing agencies have dealt with many challenges related to the recession: a lack of qualified applicants, a decrease in companies looking for direct or temporary hires and a surge in job seekers with expired unemployment benefits. But things are improving. A U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report said temporary employment in July was 7.6 percent higher than a year ago.More

Temp workers remain information technology hiring favorite
IT Jungle
The information technology job market continues to favor the temporary worker over the full-time employee, a trend that might not reverse itself even after the economy picks up long-overdue momentum. Based on a quarterly survey of IT leaders, 4 of 10 IT managers and executives expect to increase IT staffing using temporary workers during the next three months.More

You did not get the job
Some folks talk about letting applicants know they didn't get the job, and even letting them know why they didn't get the job. But is that communication happening? More

Workers fight for 40-hour weeks; retailers use part-time models
Crain's New York Business
Cash-strapped retailers using part-time models are cutting back employees' time on the job, leaving workers to scramble for hours, pay and benefits.More

2011 Talent Shortage Survey: Jobs getting harder to fill
Manpower Inc.
The 2011 Talent Shortage Survey by Manpower Inc. reveals that while the ranks of the unemployed continue to grow, organizations around the world insist they cannot find the talent they need when they need it.More

Salaries posted for Capital region workers
The Business Review
The Business Review has posted a new database with 2010 compensation figures for more than 17,000 local government employees throughout the Capital region. Find out what workers are earning — and what they can expect to earn. More