The NYSA News
Sep. 2, 2014

Even post-recession, demand for temp employees remains high
The economy continues its march towards recovery, but the transition away from temporary workers to fill the gaps made by layoffs has not kept pace, according to a new report released by staffing agency Express Employment Professionals. The report states that upwards of 2 percent of the entire U.S. workforce in the U.S. is “on the payroll of a staffing company,” and cites data from MBO Partners that says total independent workers in the U.S. reached 17.7 million in 2013, up 10 percent from 2011. An additional 6.3 million are expected to join those ranks by 2018.More

Pulse report: July's temp revenue growth rate second-highest since 2012
Staffing Industry Analysts
U.S. temporary staffing revenue rose a median 13 percent year over year in July among staffing firms taking part in Staffing Industry Analysts' monthly Pulse Survey. The growth represented a deceleration from the 15 percent year-over-year growth in July but was above the 10 percent growth rate in the first five months of the year.More

New OSHA publication emphasizes temps entitled to same training, protection as full-timers
EHS Today
Temporary workers are entitled to the same training and protection as full-time employees, OSHA Administrator David Michaels said during the opening general session of the 2014 National VPPPA Conference in National Harbor, Maryland. That's the theme of a new publication that OSHA and NIOSH recently unveiled. The publication emphasizes that staffing agencies and their clients — "host employers" — are jointly responsible for providing safe and healthy working conditions for temporary employees.More

Commentary: America, say goodbye to the Era of Big Work
Los Angeles Times
For much of the past century, the Era of Big Work — the 40-hour workweek and its employer-provided benefits — were the foundation of our economy. That was then. Now, independent work is the new normal. Freelancers, independent contractors and temp workers are on their way to making up the majority of the U.S. labor force. They number 42 million, or one-third of all workers in the nation. That figure is expected to rise to 40% — some 60 million people — by the end of the decade.More

Criminal background screening: Have a plan
The Staffing Stream
Commissioning a pre-employment criminal background search can feel like a dizzying experience to many hiring organizations. In fact, a 2014 survey by First Advantage found almost 40 percent of those who order criminal background checks are uncertain about the process. Much of this likely has to do with the fact that there are multiple sources of different kinds of criminal history information, not to mention multiple providers that offer them. Confusing matters further are the varying rules and regulations, depending on the location of the organization and the candidate, and inconsistencies in turnaround time based on the type and geographic scope of the search. But perhaps the single-biggest cause of confusion related to criminal background screening is that companies don’t have a firm understanding for their own risk tolerance in this area.More

Temp feds are a step closer to health insurance
Government Executive
A federal employee union is urging the government to provide temporary and seasonal workers access to health insurance as soon as possible. Currently, temporary, intermittent and seasonal employees who work for fewer than six months each year are not eligible to enroll in FEHBP. At the end of July, OPM issued a proposed rule to grant many of those workers identified as full-time employees access to the insurance benefit. Under the draft regulations, employees who are scheduled to work at least 130 hours in a calendar month and work at least 90 days will be FEHBP-eligible by January 2015.More

NYSA member Orenstein celebrates pair of milestones
Marty Orenstein celebrates his 48th year in the industry on September 12. Marty was one of the first owners of an independent staffing service who recognized the merits of niche marketing. Orenstein also started Funding Fanatics in October 2004. The company is a broker referring independent staffing prospects to one of the two dozen funding sources who can serve the prospects individual financial requirements best. Orenstein is pleased to celebrate the tenth anniversary of this venture.More