Sept. 6, 2011

An interview with Richard Cohen
Employment Discrimination Report
Blog editor Richard Cohen recently discussed trends in employment discrimination law as well as issues such as sexual harassment, retaliation and best practices for employers as a guest on the TV show, "Behind the Shadows."More

Jobs report not as bad as you might think
The Street
If there's one corporate sector that should have a pretty good handle on the job market, it's staffing companies, and they don't see what the markets see in August's weak jobs number. Recently, a payrolls report showed no net new jobs created. Yet staffing companies insist the markets are pricing in a much worse employment outlook than the pound-the-pavement hiring reality indicates. More

Always interview with matching in mind
Recruiting Trends
Matching is the most difficult skill to master, no matter how many years of experience a recruiter possesses. It is difficult for rookies because they do not have interview experience; they don't possess the firsthand knowledge of hiring authorities and the criteria that must be met.More

Financial professionals add 'expert witness' to resumes
Crain's New York Business
Small and midsize firms are encouraging employees to get specialized training to help in winning clients. One example: Sareena Sawhney, who took the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts' expert witness training to become a certified forensic financial analyst.More

Are you leaving job candidates with a negative impression?
During the past few years there seems to be a change in the candidate experience, and it isn't a positive one.More

Growing workforce trend: The nonemployee
The Philadelphia Inquirer
Freelancers, independent contractors, consultants, day laborers working off the books for cash, contingent workers, temps, virtual assistants, free agents: These are the names for the ever-growing part of America's labor force with an interesting distinction. They aren't employees. More

CEO turnover at 6-year high
U.S. companies are hiring new chief executive officers this year at the quickest pace since 2005 as directors seek growth after putting off management changes while riding out the recession. More

People are the puck
Harvard Business Review
If you want to know how to be best positioned for business success, you have to understand where the people are going. Everything else is secondary, dynamic and highly arbitrary.More