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Sep. 9, 2014

The changing face of temporary employment
The New York Times
Temps aren’t just employees who sort mail and answer the boss’s phone. The work of temping has changed vastly — today 42 percent of temporary workers labor in light industry or warehouses. And there are more of them. The number of workers employed through temp agencies has climbed to a new high — 2.87 million, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and they represent a record share of the nation’s work force, 2 percent. Labor groups fret that the trend signals the decline of full-time and permanent jobs with good benefits. But what is happening with temp employment is no sharp break with the past.More

Temp jobs at all-time high in US
The Sacramento Bee
A record 2.8 million Americans are working in temporary help jobs, according to a new report by the National Employment Law Project, a non-profit organization that advocates for low-wage and unemployed workers. The report, released last week, found that temp jobs make up 2 percent of total employment in the U.S, the highest percentage ever.More

5 big trends shaking up the job market
CNN Money
The job market is not exactly smokin' hot, but it's an improvement over recent years. Let's zoom out a bit. Here are five important trends in the labor market that you should be thinking about beyond the monthly unemployment figure.More

How to review and choose payroll processing services
Staffing Talk
Although there are many great guides from Inc. magazine on choosing a payroll processing service, they are largely intended for wide distribution and don’t delve into issues of consequence to staffing companies. This doesn’t mean they don’t offer great advice. But if you’re in staffing, then you know we’re in a different world and might benefit from hearing from someone whose service is specific to your industry.More

Hiring in 2014: Big challenges, real solutions
The Staffing Stream
Hiring qualified talent is expensive. It requires specialized expertise. It's time-consuming. And it is extremely challenging, even under the best of circumstances. For most employers, research shows that current economic and employment conditions are decidedly not the best of circumstances.More

Report says 34 percent of US workers are freelance
Staffing Industry Analysts
A survey released by online staffing firm Elance-oDesk found 34 percent of U.S. workers — 53 million people — are freelancing. The workforce adds $715 billion annually to the economy through their freelance work.More

3 lessons corporate recruiting organizations can learn from staffing agencies
On average, 118 people apply for any given job — and of those 118 candidates, only 23 actually get an interview. This conundrum begs the question: are employers building the best candidate pools? Staffing agencies and corporations face an identical challenge — attracting the right candidates to begin with.More