The NYSA News
Sep. 18, 2012

Sept. 19 — Free NYSA event: The Current Lending Climate
Please be our guest on Sept. 19 as we feature a panel discussion regarding what the current lending trends are to the staffing industry. Participants will hear from a panel constructed of tier 1 banks and specialty lenders to the staffing industry. Find out what the current lending trends are, and how credit is being viewed by these institutions.More

New York one of few areas to reach pre-recession job levels
New York Business Journal
New York City was one of just 21 large metropolitan areas to get back to pre-recession employment levels. The area added 17,000 jobs, or a 0.23 percent rise, between July 2007 and July 2012, according to an analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data on 102 of the largest metropolitan areas by On Numbers, American City Business Journals' research arm. That ranks New York at No. 7 in number of jobs gained, and No. 19 on the percentage of job growth.More

New Yorkers get off unemployment lines using online tool
The Legislative Gazette
An innovative new website has increased employment in New York and is giving job seekers a light at the end of the tunnel, according to information from the governor's office. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that more than 44,000 state residents found jobs through "Jobs Express," a website he helped launched last year to help state residents seek employment.More

The bold recruiters toolkit — 50 tools for aggressive recruiters
The competition for recruiting top talent is already intense in certain industries and is soon to grow in many others. In this highly competitive environment, you can't expect to fill your quota, no less recruit the highest quality candidates who you desire, without having a superior recruiting toolkit.More

US companies bullish on a contingent workforce
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Contingency staffing — temporary or contract workers — is growing, a new study has found. And with the economy stuck in neutral, at best, it may become an even bigger factor in the creation of a workforce.More

Freelance workers have permanent spot at US companies
Business News Daily
U.S. businesses are committed to utilizing a mix of permanent and temporary workers as a long-term business strategy. According to a new study by staffing agency Randstad, nearly 70 percent of businesses currently use contingent workers in some capacity, including temporary and contract employees as well as consultants. Most businesses indicated that contingent workers comprise a steady or increasing percentage of their total staff. More

Workers wanted: Demand for temporary workers on the rise
The Petaluma Argus-Courier
Turning to temp agencies to find work is one of several labor trends that have emerged from the lengthy economic recession. Another is that, ironically, while many are still seeking work, it has become increasingly difficult for employers to fill open job positions. Employment experts say that there is a disconnect between open jobs and available workers and credit this gap to an employment pool filled with under-qualified workers on the one hand and people not willing to take available positions on the other. Staffing firms across the nation are seeing a huge increase in employers looking for workers.More

With Facebook, your recruitment pool is 1 billion people
Stock price aside, Facebook is still by far the largest, most active social network in the world. The company sees nearly a billion people browse photos, chat and comment on walls each month while half those users visit almost every day. It may not be the right channel for recruiting C-level executives, but it is an unbelievably valuable tool in hiring for the throngs of entry-level and hourly positions that open up around the world each year.More