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Sep. 24, 2013

New York City's jobless rate increased to 8.6 percent in August despite hiring gains
The New York Times
New York City’s unemployment rate rose to 8.6 percent in August, despite stronger than usual hiring at the end of the summer, according to reports released recently. The rise in the unemployment rate, from 8.4 percent in July, reflects an increase in the number of people looking for work in the city, said Barbara Byrne Denham, a private economist who analyzes the official data issued every month by the State Labor Department.More

Helping employees manage workplace stress
By Joy Burgess
Workplace stress costs nearly $300 billion annually, due to rehabilitation, absenteeism from work and health care. Although some workplace stress is normal, when employees face excessive stress in the workplace, their physical, emotional and mental health may be negatively impacted. As managing stress becomes a more serious problem in the workforce, many employers now offer assistance to help employees reduce stress and improve overall workplace health.More

Will the Affordable Care Act lead to more part-time jobs?
Staffing Talk
David Gee writes, "I spent some time this week speaking with the owners of several staffing companies. Though the conversations were wide ranging, one of the common things we talked about was the Affordable Care act, and its impact on them as business owners as well as on their contingent workforce clients." More

Conferences are ripe for recruiting
The Staffing Stream
Few settings provide such fertile ground for recruiting talented candidates for clients as industry conferences. IMethods recently connected with numerous qualified professionals by sponsoring and attending the Code on the Beach conference in Atlantic Beach, Fla. The three-day conference drew hundreds of software engineers interested in honing and applying their skills.More

Retailers hiring temps for the holidays
Staffing Industry
Target plans to hire about 70,000 seasonal workers for the upcoming holiday season, down from 88,000 last year. Target aims for to be more efficient in its hiring practices and will first offer extra holiday hours to its existing permanent employees. More

Minimum wage, overtime protections extended to direct care workers by US Labor Department
U.S. Department of Labor
Fulfilling a promise by President Barack Obama to ensure that direct care workers receive a fair day's pay for a fair day's work, the U.S. Department of Labor announced a final rule extending the Fair Labor Standards Act's minimum wage and overtime protections to most of the nation's workers who provide essential home care assistance to elderly people and people with illnesses, injuries or disabilities. More

How recruiters can tame frustrating hiring managers
Ask a roomful of recruiters if hiring managers can occasionally drive them a bit batty, and hands rise faster than you say black hole. You know the drill: managers who are unresponsive, unprepared, waste time, and don't get back to candidates. Or, those who ask illegal questions, or just cringe-worthy ones. More

Problem policies for the HR community
The Staffing Stream
BLR recently released its "2013 Policies Survey," which surveyed 1,532 organizations about their human resources policies. Among the information was a list of policies that are expected to present the greatest challenge to organizations in the coming year. Here are the three top problem areas respondents identified.More