Sept. 27, 2011

What drives me nuts about staffing agencies (and how they can be a better partner)
A hiring officer for a health care company writes, "During the past several years I've sat through no fewer than 100 staffing agency pitches in person or over the phone. Too many vendors treat me as someone to work around than to work with."More

HUD awards New York agencies $4.8 million for job training
The Business Review
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has awarded nearly $60 million to public agencies throughout the country to hire or retain workers for job training. Communities throughout New York will receive $4.8 million of that funding.More

City shuts 'box' to open job opportunities
Gotham Gazette
It's daunting enough to look for a job when there are more than four unemployed workers for every opening. It's even harder when you desperately want work but have a criminal record — as 65 million American adults do. New York City recently took steps to help reduce one of the obstacles people with criminal records face when applying for a job. More

Building an effective job description
Recruiting Trends
Hiring managers in many companies do not understand the value of an effective job description. The job description is the foundation of an effective recruitment process. The best job descriptions provide talking points during manager/employee update conversations during the year.More

Graduates learn what it takes to be a recruiter
Financial Times
Is recruiting a popular career choice among graduates? "Headhunting" is seen as a strong option for graduates who are bright, hardworking and interested in dealing with people. It has become a popular career choice because it provides excellent earning potential, quick career progression and the ability to build good business acumen. More

Implementing strategies in extreme negotiations
Harvard Business Review
The principles of effective negotiation become more important when the stakes are high and the pressure is on. Are you prepared for extreme negotiations?More

Current trends in corporate relocation
Chicago Tribune via InMotion
Corporate relocation seems to change its paths and models as global circumstances change. This is the case especially with the housing issue and recent recession, which has had a significant effect on corporate relocation matters.More

Living large in Western New York
Buffalo News
Western New York's housing market is much like its economy and its people: steady and modest. Perhaps that's why newly built luxury homes with price tags of more than $500,000 are sometimes snidely called "McMansions," "Hummer Homes" or "Garage Mahals." But in this largely blue-collar community, the market for these modern mansions is fairly vibrant. More

Cuomo signs 90 bills, vetoes 30
Times Union
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's desk is cleaner after announcing more than 120 bill signings and vetoes.More

Mastering distraction in 18 minutes
There is a better way to focus your time on what you value the most — and say no to the rest. It begins with a brief 18 minutes.More