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Sep. 30, 2014

Don't pack your bags just yet — myths of the staffing industry part 1
The Staffing Stream
One of the definitions of myth is “a widely held but false belief or idea” and when it comes to myths, the staffing arena is full of them. So, assuming you are old enough to know that Santa is not the one coming down the chimney every year to leave a present for you by the Christmas tree, here is another secret: a lot that has been said about immigration, taxation and employment rules around the world is simply not true!More

Fairfield County staffing firms see highs, lows of HR needs
Westfair Online
Despite having tightened spending during the height of the recession, many companies in Fairfield County are now turning to staffing firms to fill positions. Karen Eidelman, branch manager of Manpower, a global staffing and hiring franchise, said business has been going well because the job market is ripe and as the economy is recovering, companies want to hire. However, she said, companies are now taking longer to decide who to hire.More

Survey: Small businesses looking up, majority planning to hire
Staffing Industry Analysts
Small businesses expect to have a profitable second half of the year, according to the SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard survey for September. The survey found 81 percent of small business owners expect to be profitable in the second half of the year, up from 77 percent in June. Optimism among small business owners rose to 73 percent, its second highest point in 2014; it reached 75 percent in May.More

Demand for recruiters is rising strongly while HR demand drops
Demand for recruiters is rising as employers emboldened by improving economic signals in the U.S. and globally add new jobs, only to find it ever more difficult to hire the workers they want. Wanted Analytics says the number of online job listings for recruiters rose 4.5 percent in August from the same 30-day period a year before. In the HR category, recruiter jobs are now second only to the listings for HR managers, says Wanted. The research firm analyzes online listings from corporate sites, job boards, and elsewhere to create reports on the types of jobs being advertised and other information and business intelligence.More

State Labor Department releases preliminary August 2014 area unemployment rates
New York State Department of Labor
The New York State Department of Labor has released preliminary local area unemployment rates for August 2014. The state’s private sector job count increased by 142,900 from August 2013 to August 2014. In August 2014, the number of private sector jobs in the state was 7,605,000, an all-time high. August 2014’s private sector job gain marked the state’s 21st consecutive month of growth. The state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in August 2014 fell from 6.6% to 6.4%, its lowest level since late 2008.More

Survey: 62 percent of employers think minimum wage should be increased
With state, local, and midterm elections just five weeks away, the minimum wage remains one of the nation’s top socioeconomic and political issues. Recent national polls have shown support for minimum wage increases among voters at large, and according to a new CareerBuilder survey, many businesses are right there with them. The survey found that a strong majority of employers (62 percent) think the minimum wage in their state should be increased, including 58 percent of company senior leaders.More

Have you got millennial workforce expectations all wrong?
We hear most often Millennials have a short-term view of the work world, with focus on their interests. We say they would rather do work that is impactful to the larger world and meaningful to them. They want more balance to follow their own interests. They aren’t as career focused and loyal to an organization for very long. Basically, that their job is seen second to personal pursuits.More

How to evaluate a candidate's soft skills
When evaluating a potential candidate, many recruiters look at quantifiable, hard skills above all else. While specific, technical skills are undoubtedly important, a candidate's soft skills are also a piece of the puzzle that could help determine whether they will be a good fit for an open position. A positive attitude, the ability to work well under pressure, adaptability and organizational skills are usually at the top of the list of attributes that employers seek. However, these are often quite difficult to measure by simply glancing at a resumé.More