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Oct. 21, 2014

Beige book: Staffing services increase, workers harder to find
Staffing Industry Analysts
Staffing services increased in many reporting Federal Reserve districts, according to the Federal Reserve's Beige Book report. However, most districts had some employers reporting difficulty finding qualified workers for certain positions. Staffing services increased in New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Richmond, Chicago and Dallas. Philadelphia indicated staffing requests increased for both temporary and permanent positions, while a staffing firm in the Chicago district reported strong orders but noted improving labor market conditions resulted in increased difficulties in finding qualified workers.More

Marketing to grow your business in 2015
The Staffing Stream
How’s your 2015 marketing budget shaping up? Oh, you haven’t thought about it yet? No problem, below are some tips to guide you when developing your marketing budget for next year. As a staffing company owner, you are juggling multiple balls and, while you likely understand that you have to market your business, you’re probably not sure what that right budget amount should be or what marketing activities to focus on.More

State's economy adds 4,500 private sector jobs in September, unemployment rate drops to 6.2 percent
New York State Department of Labor
New York State’s private sector job count grew by 4,500, or 0.1 percent, in September 2014, according to preliminary figures released today by the New York State Department of Labor. This latest monthly employment gain raised New York State’s overall private sector job count to 7,614,500, an all-time high. The statewide unemployment rate declined from 6.4 percent to 6.2 percent in September 2014, its lowest level since October 2008. In addition, New York City’s unemployment rate dropped from 7.8 percent to 6.8 percent over the past two months, marking the City’s largest two month rate drop ever (current records go back to 1976).More

NLRB revisits independent contractor definition
Employees are permitted to join unions. Independent contractors are not. Thus, whether a particular working relationship involves an “employee” or an “independent contractor” is extremely important. Recently, the NLRB has made it easier to establish employee status and correspondingly more difficult to establish independent contractor status. For those companies that rely upon independent contractors to accomplish core business functions, the FedEx case is a must read.More

Job openings signal hiring in US to be sustained
The number of jobs waiting to be filled in the U.S. climbed in August to the highest level in 13 years as employers gained confidence to expand their workforces. Openings rose to 4.84 million in August, the most since January 2001, from a revised 4.61 million the prior month, according to Labor Department data. The report also showed hiring and firing cooled, while fewer people quit their jobs.More

By a landslide, flexible work is a success
Seventeen times as many HR professionals say that telecommuting on a regular basis is successful than say it is unsuccessful, according to a study. Only a handful of people said that flextime — even with no "core hours" — as well as compressed work weeks, phased retirement and paid time off for volunteer work are not successful policies.More

Catching lies on candidates' resumes
According to Fortune, more and more people are lying on their resumes. Drawing from research conducted by CareerBuilder, Fortune reports that 58 percent of hiring managers have seen “exaggerations or outright fabrications” on resumes, and a third of hiring managers agree that candidates have been lying more often since the Great Recession. Couple the prevalence of resume lies with the fact that recruiters tend to look at those resumes for a grand total of six seconds apiece, and the situation doesn’t look terribly sunny. How do we catch lies we’re not even taking the time to look for?More