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Nov. 19, 2013

Women reach a milestone in job market
The Wall Street Journal
Women have recovered all the jobs they lost during the recession. Men have not. A record 67.5 million women are working today, up from the prior peak of 67.4 million in early 2008, according to the Labor Department's latest tally of payrolls that captured the full rebound for the first time. By comparison, 69 million men currently have jobs, below their high of 70.9 million in June 2007.More

The select family of staffing companies is now 'Linked In' for more job matches
The Sacramento Bee
The Select Family of Staffing Companies has added a powerful Job Match tool for job seekers on its career website. This latest feature will allow LinkedIn users to find relevant jobs based on their account profile with one click. There are no extra sign-ups or accounts, or additional lengthy profiling to re-enter.More

5 ways to get promoted before 2014
CBS News
If your New Year's resolution was to get promoted, but the likelihood of you getting the nod before you ring in 2014 seems slim, don't give up. There are some things you can do to get a title change and/or raise in the next two months. More

Capping federal pay and cutting workforce on the table as Congress looks to craft budget deal
Federal employees could once again find themselves on the short end of the budget reduction stick if Congress looks to compensation and benefit cuts as a way to buffer the impacts of sequestration. The Congressional Budget Office presented a deficit reduction analysis to the joint House/Senate Budget Committee during the group's second public meeting on Nov. 13. The committee is tasked with crafting a spending plan for the coming year and replacing the automatic across-the-board cuts from sequestration is expected to be part of that deal.More

Nestle unveil 2,000 jobs and paid work experience opportunities
Nearly 2,000 jobs and paid work experience opportunities for young people will be unveiled by food giant Nestle on Nov. 15. The move comes as a survey by Nestle showed teachers said good work experience was vital for getting young people into work, but many schools were failing to help them. More

Staffing industry forecasts for 2014
Staffing Industry Analysts
The SIA Analysts team share their predictions for the European and ROW markets in 2014. More

Take steps to turn your temp job into full-time employment
SF Gate
It’s no secret that a temporary job is an excellent way to enter the workforce and meet new employers. Never underestimate the value of an opportunity to meet hiring decision-makers and make a contribution, no matter how temporary the assignment, because each day, there are things you do that you think are going unnoticed but usually add up to a good impression.More

Are you trading efficiency for productivity?
By Michael J. Berens
One of the basic principles of a free-market economy is that markets perform better when unhampered by government regulation or oversight. It turns out the same can be said for employees. A number of workplace research studies have shown that employees perform better, have higher levels of satisfaction, take fewer sick days and are more productive when they have a greater sense of control over their work and their work environment.More

Employers commit to Learning Disabilities Work Experience Week 2013
Inclusive Employers and learning disability charity Mencap have teamed up to launch the first ever Learning Disabilities Work Experience Week, which is running from Nov. 11, and is the first ever initiative of its kind in the U.K. Inclusive Employers members across various sectors have signed up to offer work experience through the program, which aims to improve the employment chances of people with a learning disability, as well as raise awareness of the benefits for businesses in thinking differently about who they recruit.More