The NYSA News
Dec. 17, 2013

The recent grad's guide to surviving layoffs
The unemployment rate in the U.S., while much improved since its peak in 2009, is still quite high. Job losses are frequently due to layoffs that have nothing to do with job performance and everything to do with reducing an organization’s headcount. Companies are continuing to tighten their belts, laying off entire departments or offshoring labor to other countries.More

What workers want in a job
By Mel Kleiman
When an employee quits, most managers take it personally — and for good reason. For more than 20 years, employee exit interview research has been telling us the No. 1 reason the best people leave is because they feel they are being poorly managed. Whether you're recruiting managers or hourly employees, there are five specific things everyone wants from a job. If you can provide most or all of them, you'll be able to attract and retain the employees you deserve — the best.More

Millennials want to be the boss; boomers don't
When General Motors named Mary Barra, 51, its next CEO, it cracked a century-old glass ceiling. Perhaps more surprising, however: Most workers of Barra's generation claim they don't want to be boss, a new survey finds. More

Train your workforce, train yourself
The Staffing Stream
Staffing professionals know the importance of training their workforce. Job seekers who improve their skills have a much better chance of getting the assignment that turns into a full-time job, and staffing professionals who improve their skills have a better chance of recruiting top talent and out-performing the competition. More

5 tips for successful performance evaluations
By D. Albert Brannen
Performance evaluation programs can be immensely beneficial to employers. They can help management improve employee performance and adjust staff expectations. However, if done improperly, performance evaluations can create more legal liability than they help to avoid. This article lists five critical tips for making sure your performance evaluation system is on the right track.More

Overused LinkedIn buzzwords ... Are job descriptions and recruiters to blame?
Paul DeBettignies writes, "LinkedIn came out with 'Top 10 Overused LinkedIn Profile Buzzwords of 2013.' As usual there has been a lot of attention given to this yearly list including articles giving advice on how not to use these words. I am sure speakers and trainers have already updated their slide decks." More

Using your iPhone to reimagine your recruiting address book
Staffing Talk
LinkedIn's recruiting revenues are now greater than Taleo's and 98.2 percent of staffing professionals say they use some form of social media to find candidates. But as we all know though, we can also be found by lots of creeps we don't necessarily want to connect with, either online or off. That's a pain that Atmospheir; a brand-new iPhone app just launching today, is trying to alleviate, with a platform they claim is the "social re-imagination of your address book."More

IT jobs' turbo-charged growth cools in November
Staffing Industry Analysts
The number of U.S information technology jobs rose by 0.07 percent in November, but the turbo-charged pace of growth has decelerated, according to the TechServe Alliance's index of IT jobs. "While IT employment has grown for 27 consecutive months with 23 of those months being successive all-time highs, the rate of growth has continued to decelerate over the past year," TechServe Alliance CEO Mark Roberts said in a press release.More

Back to work: How to start 2014 right
By Jessica Taylor
As you go through the rush of the holidays and entertaining guests, the last thing on your mind is work. But as you return to your office for the new year and see the pile of work, unanswered emails and missed calls, it can become overwhelming. You might come to the conclusion that you don't want to start this all over again. It happens to even the most passionate, dedicated employee. Getting back into the groove after a holiday can be hard. But you will get out of the holiday mindset, so let's get started with four tips for getting back to work. More