The NYSA News
Dec. 24, 2013

Study: Women employees suffer more in workplaces with gender inequality
By Tim Stroud
According to a recent study, female employees have a higher incidence of psychological distress than their male colleagues in workplaces where there are more men than women. The study monitored the psychological distress and well-being levels of 715 workers, taking into account the gender ratios within each specific workplace. The research begs the question: Would workplaces with a higher level of gender inequality benefit from an employee assistance program/plan?More

It's not just the NSA: Employers adopt surveillance tactics
Staffing Talk
Back in March, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer's decision to ban homeworkers was a contentious debate topic, along with her use of VPN logs as justification. But even Marissa Mayer could only peer so far. She could not review what her Yahoo! workers were up to at a task level. More

Ensuring compliance for your independent contractors
The Staffing Stream
As business needs change and workforce models continue to evolve, more companies have turned to free agent talent as a key source for in-demand skills. By leveraging these individuals, companies create an "on-demand" workforce that scales up or down as business needs dictate. At the same time, free agents benefit from having greater independence and flexibility. Engaging small businesses, including the "business of one," is a great strategy but does pose unique challenges and often requires change management for a company to achieve and remain compliant with very dynamic regulatory enforcement agencies and the aggressively litigious environment. More

Small, midsize firms liking contract workers more, survey says
Staffing Industry Analysts
Hiring of contract workers is becoming more attractive for small and medium-sized businesses, according to the new third quarter "SMB Job Generation Outlook" survey released by Lucas Group, an Atlanta-based executive search firm. More

How to tell the difference between an 'empty suit' and an effective executive
Albany Business Review
When interviewing to fill an executive position, beware of false confidence. The executive interview process places a huge premium on executive presence. People look for gravitas, charisma, and people who are "comfortable in their own skin." Interviewers like the sound of a crisp, confident, polished answer to a question.More

Without extension, a million will lose unemployment benefits
Robin Valentine has worked for more than 20 years in the manufacturing industry for different companies in the Southern Tier. But when she was laid off in March by VMR Electronics, she never expected to still be job searching in December. "I'm far from a lazy person, I hate being stuck home," Valentine said. "Making less money than I brought home with my paycheck certainly was an adjustment to my lifestyle." Valentine is on emergency unemployment compensation after collecting the first 26 weeks of regular benefits. EUC benefits are 7.2 percent less than initial benefits and can be claimed for up to 53 weeks. However, if Congress doesn't pass a bill extending EUC benefits they will end for everyone collecting on Dec. 29.More

3 hiring lessons from your holiday shopping list
With the holiday season in full swing, your shopping list has probably grown impressive in size. While the economy might be tough and the job market even harder to navigate, people across the country are still flocking to stores to make holiday gift purchases. Last year alone, holiday spending grew 14 percent to inject $42 billion into the economy. So what does this have to do with hiring? More