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Dec. 30, 2014

New York Assembly passes bill for paid leave
The Associated Press via The Post Standard
From March 11: Recently, New York's Assembly passed several bills with the intent to increase funding for child care subsidies and establish paid leave for medical emergencies, the birth or adoption of a child, or to take care of a sick relative.More

House OKs bill raising ACA definition of full time
Staffing Industry Analysts
From April 8: The U.S. House of Representatives approved the “Saving American Workers” Act, H.R. 2575. The legislation would repeal the 30-hour definition of full-time employment under the Affordable Care Act and change it to a 40-hour definition. It was approved by the House in a 248-179 vote.More

Staffing firms turn cautious
From Feb. 25: Staffing firms had a solid 2013 but aren’t so sure about what this year might bring. As a result, many are being conservative about their growth plans, with just about a quarter planning a new office this year compared to nearly half last year. That was one of the big findings in the latest annual survey of more than 1,300 recruiting agency professionals by Bullhorn Inc., a Boston-based recruiting software company.More

Top 10 mistakes interviewers make
By Mel Kleiman
From Jan. 14: Recruiting and hiring new employees is both an art and a skill. Unfortunately, too few business owners and hiring managers have ever had any training in the proven, best-practice techniques used by employers-of-choice like Disney and Southwest Airlines. Without training, most interviewers just "wing it" — ad-libbing their way through interviews and making decisions based more on instinct and impressions rather than logic. No wonder costly employee turnover is such a constant headache. Here's a list of the most common mistakes interviewers make.More

How small staffing companies get big accounts
Staffing Talk
From July 29: It's not easy for a small staffing companies to win big accounts from entrenched, national competitors. However, it can be done by using disruptive innovations. Such is the case with time and attendance solutions that leverage the internet and save clients money by dramatically improving their logistics.More

The life of a staffing professional
Staffing Talk
From June 10: – there’s no job on the planet quite like staffing. It’s hard enough to meet and exceed the expectations of one set of customers, something every for-profit company is required to do every day to stay in business, but imagine having to please TWO entirely opposite customer groups when the definition of ‘pleasing’ (and consequently, your job) is bringing them together in such a way that both are satisfied with the relationship.More

The fastest growing, top paying temp jobs in 2014
From Aug. 12: The following list, from Economic Modeling Specialists, is comprised of occupations in the temporary help services industry that are projected to grow by at least three times the projected rate of all job growth, have more than 20,000 projected temporary workers employed by year end, and pay more than $16 per hour.More

Growth stories from the fastest-growing staffing firms
Staffing Industry Analysts
From Dec. 2: This year's list of fastest-growing staffing firms released earlier this year uncovered staffing and recruitment firms with impressive growth. But what are these firms like? What fuels their growth?More

10 negative employee behaviors that undermine success
By Greg L. Alston
From May 6: As managers, we expect the best behavior from each member of our team all the time. We fully expect our workgroups to be constructive and positive. We expect each member to contribute to a professional environment every day. But in the real world of business, how do you know when someone is damaging the success of your enterprise? How do you know when to cut someone some slack or terminate their employment? These are the 10 major negative behaviors that simply cannot be tolerated in a productive workplace.More

When it comes to temps, who's the boss?
Bloomberg Businessweek
From July 1: Call it the “Who’s the Boss” phenomenon: The business models of many major U.S. companies depend on workers who are legally employed by someone else. Labor groups argue that such sprawling supply chains make it harder to hold companies accountable for abuse, let alone organize the workers involved. Now they’re pushing back: A California bill would put companies on the hook when employees get cheated by their contractors.More