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Dec. 31, 2012

Power seller: The 5 percent rule
Staffing Industry Review
From June 19: Any staffing industry insider knows that the biggest decision you can make is where to allocate your time. Whether you work for a two-person staffing firm or a multistate operation servicing hundreds of clients, you have choices to make every day. Every staffing firm employee needs to sell in one capacity or another, and understanding the "5 percent rule" is an important part of this.More

Who's the biggest staffing firm in town?
Staffing Industry Analysts
From July 10: The list of largest U.S. staffing firms was released July 9 by Staffing Industry Analysts. The annual list includes all staffing firms with $100 million or more in 2011 U.S. staffing revenue.More

Role reversal: Employers can't find workers
From Jan. 17: With 13 million unemployed people seeking work in this country, it would seem like anyone who wants to hire someone would have little difficulty doing so. But that's not what many employers are saying. More than half of U.S. employers surveyed by the staffing firm Manpower Group last year said they were having trouble filling job openings because they couldn't find qualified workers. That's a huge jump from 2010, when only 14 percent said they were having trouble filling positions.More

Top 10 trends in background checks
Recruiting Trends
From Feb. 28: For the past five years, nationwide background check provider Employment Screening Resources has compiled a list of emerging and influential trends in background checks for the year ahead. What technologies and practices are expected to emerge this year?More

What makes a recruiter great?
Recruiting Trends
From Aug. 28: The recruiting profession is one of the most rewarding professions because each day it change people's lives for the better. Recruiters identify the top talent needed by hiring authorities and help individuals make their next logical career move. Follow the advice in this article and you will never be accused of being a mediocre recruiter.More

The hidden indicator pointing to bad news for jobs
The Washington Post
From Oct. 23: Temporary employment is one of the better predictors of what the job market will do in the months ahead. And recent trends in the category point toward even slower job creation in the final months of the year than the sluggish hiring that has been evident through 2012 so far.More

What makes a super recruiter?
Recruiting Trends
From Oct. 2: A strong, successful recruiter must depend on intangible, hard to define skills. They must be people-oriented. They must be adaptable. They must have amazing communication skills they can use with both clients and candidates. They must enjoy learning about their client and their industry. If a recruiter has these qualities, their success will follow.More

Temp workers make huge comeback
U.S. News and World Report
From Aug. 28: After hitting a peak of nearly 2.7 million workers in 2006, the temporary help industry lost more than one-third of its members during the downturn. Since then, it has regained a vast majority of the workers it lost — 87 percent — and continues to add them steadily.More

The best and worst big US markets for staffing
Staffing Talk
From Nov. 13: Many-a-staffing-firm have opened new branches in cities based on population trends and rumored demand. It's easy to find breakdowns of top markets in the U.S. based on population, but what if when they get there they realize there's already a bajillion staffing companies in existence (or, worse yet, that there's a lot of big corporate branches there)? Here is another type of guide to specifically avoid that scenario. This ranks markets based on the population of large staffing company branches that already exist there.More

Where to work: The best staffing firms
Staffing Industry Review
From April 17: Staffing Industry Analysts surveyed companies' employees to see how the companies are doing at keeping them happy and motivated. The winners on this year's "Best Staffing Firms to Work For" list are taking a serious approach to making their employees feel special. The recession has taught us talent is going to be the key differentiator in the coming decade.More