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Dec. 31, 2013

No escaping Obamacare for staffing agencies
Staffing Talk
From Jan. 22: Do you think you have some ideas about how staffing agencies might circumvent Obamacare once it comes into law? Think again, says the IRS, they're already a couple of steps ahead of you.More

The sure-fire way to make temps give notice before quitting
Staffing Talk
From Jan. 8: Sometimes temporary workers quit on you. They don't give notice; they don't fulfill the contract period. They just quit. In many employment circumstances, this reflects negatively on the employee, as it rightfully should. They'll get bad comments when future employees check their references, and it'll look weird on a resume to see a really short stint. But temps don't care about either of those things — they have enough references to go around and having short-term jobs is the nature of the beast. So all their quitting does is make you look bad to your client, and you're the one who has to deal with all the repercussions. More

New York City passes sick-day law
Staffing Industry Analysts
From July 2: The New York City Council overrode a veto by Mayor Bloomberg and passed a law providing workers with sick days. The bill requires businesses with 20 or more employees to provide five paid sick days to their employees beginning April 1. The mandate extends to businesses with 15 or more employees on Oct. 1, 2015. All other businesses must provide five unpaid sick days annually without retribution to their employees. More

Health law could boost use of temp workers
The Washington Post
From April 2: The health care law could prove to be a boon for temporary staffing companies as employers outsource jobs to sidestep complex requirements for medical insurance. But some experts say the Affordable Care Act's exceptions for temporary employees could undercut the goal of expanding coverage to more American workers.More

7 hottest industries for contract staffing in 2012
Top Echelon Contracting
From Feb. 19: Health care has been a leading industry for contract staffing for years and is only getting stronger as the population continues to age. Health care contractors will likely be even more in demand when the Obamacare "individual mandate" begins requiring individuals to get health care coverage, which will send more consumers to an already overtaxed health care providers.More

50 percent of staffing owners say they expect revenues to rise because of 'Obamacare'
Staffing Talk
From Feb. 12: Given the growing concern among staffing companies about the impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), R. A. Cohen Consulting sent a survey to staffing company owners to measure their actions and concerns about this legislation that will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2014.More

Why are most recruiters female?
Staffing Talk
From Oct. 1: Is it safe to say that women occupy a majority of recruitment roles? Why are there so few men in recruiting? Do women make better recruiters? However you phrase it, it's an elephant in the room — or rather, industry. Let's examine that elephant a little closer, shall we? More

The fastest-growing temp jobs
From March 12: According to CareerBuilder's annual job forecast, 40 percent of employers plan to hire temporary and contract workers in 2013, up from 36 percent last year. Almost half of these employers (42 percent) plan to transition some temporary workers into full-time, permanent staffers.More

The best way to find a staffing sales rep
The Staffing Stream
From Dec. 3: Tom Erb writes, "As we know in our industry, finding and matching talent to a job is no easy task. When that person is your next sales rep, the challenge becomes even greater. In my experience recruiting all kinds of positions, both for clients and for my own team, it is the single toughest position to fill."More

Staffing Industry Analysts announces best staffing firms to work for
Staffing Industry Analysts
From March 5: Staffing Industry Analysts has announced the winners of the 2013 Best Staffing Firms to Work for survey. Four categories were included in the survey: Staffing firms up to 50 employees; staffing firms 51 to 200 employees; staffing firms over 200 employees; and best staffing firms to temp/contract for.More