Jun. 11, 2015

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DID YOU KNOW ... RAMP Camp is NOT just for schools ready to apply for the designation of Recognized ASCA Model Program. If you just want to learn more about the ASCA National Model, RAMP Camp is for you! Come kick-start your school counselor program development.

July 23, 2015
8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Sponsored by NYSSCA
Hosted by: Shenendehowa Central School District
Shenendehowa High School East
970 Route 146
Clifton Park, N.Y.

DID YOU KNOW ... RAMP Camp is NOT just for schools ready to apply for the designation of Recognized ASCA Model Program. If you just want to learn more about the ASCA National Model, RAMP Camp is for you! Come kick-start your school counselor program development.

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The RAMP designation is based on "The ASCA National Model: A Framework for School Counseling Programs," third edition.


FREE NYSSBA Webinar on New School Counseling Regs
Looking for a way to inform your school board and administration on the important role of school counselors?

Wondering what new regulations will mean for your program development?

If your school district is a member of the NYS School Board Association (and most are), anyone in your school district can participate in a FREE webinar being held June 17th hosted by NYSSBA and presented by Gloria Jean, NYSSCA President. This webinar will be held just one day after the NYSED Board of Regents discuss new regulations for school counseling programs and school counselor preparation and certification, the first revisions in these regulations in 40 years! Gloria will discuss the content of the new regulations as well as fiscal implications, new program requirements and potential impact on student outcomes. Please consider participating in this webinar and encourage your superintendent, members of your School Counseling Department Advisory Council, school board members and others in your school district to register and participate:

WHEN: Wednesday, June 17 at 12 p.m.
WHAT: "Big Changes for School Guidance Counseling: The Impact of New Regs"
WHO: Gloria Jean, President of the NYS School Counselor Association and member of NYS Education Department's School Counseling Advisory Council
WHERE: Click here to register on the NYSSBA website.

This is a FREE webinar if your school district is a member of NYSSBA (to find out, contact NYSSBA at (800) 342-3360 or ask your school district central office). Anyone in your school district can register for the webinar, not just school board members. We do ask you, however, to encourage your school board and administration to attend. Our goal is to get the word out to those who will be responsible for compliance with these new regulations, and with greater understanding comes better implementation.

The timing of this webinar is not ideal for school counselors, but it will be recorded by NYSSBA and made available after as long as there is interest. If you cannot attend but have specific questions you would like addressed during the webinar, feel free to send them as soon as possible directly to Gloria at GloriaJean@NYSSCA.org.

National scholarship honors Maria Portalatin
June 12 is the deadline to apply for the AFT Latino Caucus's Maria Portalatin National Freedom Scholarship. Each of three high school seniors of Hispanic/Latino heritage, with a parent or guardian who is a member of a union, will receive a $1,000 book stipend and a laptop. The late UFT leader Maria Portalatin received NYSUT's prestigious "Not for Ourselves Alone:" The Sandy Feldman Outstanding Leadership Award in 2010.More

You can help empower young women
Do you know a young woman in 10th grade who is a promising leader and that you would like to mentor? Nominate her to participate in the Fight for Your Might Girls Empowerment Conference. The nomination deadline is June 15. Each year, The Joseph Toles Foundation sponsors educational learning experiences for children from all walks of life. This year 62 young women — one from each county in New York — potential leaders who are passionate about helping their communities will participate. Here's more information about how to become a mentor. More

New York State School Counselor Association Annual Conference 2015
"School Counselors: Advocating Access for All!"

The Sagamore Resort, on Lake George, Bolton Landing, NY
Nov. 20-21, 2015
Participant online registration here.
Exhibitor online registration here.More

June 12 deadline to submit ideas for 2016 Educator's Voice
The 2015 edition of Educator's Voice has gone digital. Also online you'll find the call for proposals for next year's issue. The theme for the next issue is "English Language Learners: A Mosaic of Languages and Cultures" and the deadline is June 12. Send questions to edvoice@nysutmail.org. More

Counselors mixed on which college entrance exam students should take
THE Journal
High school counselors are all over the map in the advice they expect to give students about which college admissions exam to take in the next school year. About a third said they anticipate telling students to take more than one exam; far fewer are recommending taking a single test. The question has come up because the College Board is rolling out a new SAT test for the first time in 11 years. The revised exam will be introduced in March 2016. As a result, students scheduled to graduate in 2017 may choose to take the current SAT earlier than March or the new one or the ACT, an alternative exam.More

New York state education commissioner brings blunt style to tough job
The Wall Street Journal
When her son was little, MaryEllen Elia pushed his teachers to give him extra time on tests and a front seat in class because of his visual impairment. Once she even had them try to read while wearing special blinders that simulated Albert's spotty field of vision. By her account, the experiment went a long way in helping them understand his needs. Elia, who was recently appointed to be New York state education commissioner, was known by many for such innovative problem-solving in her last job, as superintendent of a large, diverse district in Florida. More

Want to know how you would do on the new SAT? Students can now take free practice tests
The Huffington Post
The College Board and Khan Academy unveiled a new set of tools designed to make it easier for kids to study for the new SAT. The resources include four full-length practice tests, thousands of practice questions, interactive video lessons and study tips. According to a press release from the two companies, the tools are supposed to level the playing field for students who cannot afford luxuries like private tutors and test preparation classes for the influential college entrance exam. More

Access to New York's top teachers still unequal, state report shows
Chalkbeat New York
Schools serving the largest shares of poor and nonwhite students in New York state are more likely to be staffed with teachers who have no experience, have little expertise in the subjects they teach, and who earned lower ratings than those serving whiter and more affluent students, according to a new report from the state. The familiar socioeconomic and racial disparities are detailed in the state's first comprehensive look at the issue in nine years. In that time, the state has spent nearly $700 million in federal funds, part of which was earmarked to help ensure disadvantaged students have increasing access to high-quality teachers.More

Cyberbullying and face-to-face harassment a toxic combination for kids
Today News
Not all bullying is equal, according to a new study, with the old-fashioned, real-life variety more damaging than the cyber kind. A combination of both, however, could be the real danger to kids. Researchers from the University of New Hampshire analyzed interviews with 791 people (ages 10 to 20) who had taken part in a previous harassment survey. They looked at three types of bullying: face-to-face, technology only and a mix of the two.More

Nonacademic skills are key to success. But what should we call them?
More and more people in education agree on the importance of learning stuff other than academics. But no one agrees on what to call that "stuff". There are least seven major overlapping terms in play. New ones are being coined all the time. This bagginess bugs me, as a member of the education media. It bugs researchers and policymakers too.More

Positively managing student behavior in the classroom
By: Savanna Flakes
Discipline problems and behavior issues have always been and continue to be a leading frustration for teachers. The good news is that variables can easily be manipulated to have a positive influence on student behavior. By being proactive and purposeful in our planning, we can prevent behavior problems before they arise. By building positive relationships with students and explicitly teaching classroom routines, we can manage behavior and increase student motivation.More

Teen pregnancy is still a problem — School districts just stopped paying attention
The Hechinger Report
For the first seven months of its existence, the Pathways Academy on this city's east side had some noisy classrooms — really noisy. Students in an English room on a recent morning were laughing and chatting so loudly — "And you was all wrong!" one exclaimed as her friend burst out briefly into song — that it was almost too loud to hear the babies. Yes, the babies — a 10-month-old babbling on his mother's lap as she plugged away at her computer, and a bigger boy, Dominic, nearly two, careening around the classroom as he pushed a wheeled chair.More