OMCA Report
Jun. 6, 2014

MTO offering DCP curriculum web-conference info session, June 30
In January, MTO provided several regional information sessions regarding the Driver Certification Program curriculum submissions. There were some signing authorities that could not attend these sessions either due to location or dates/time. MTO has announced they are offering a second short presentation on June 30 from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. regarding the Driver Certification Program curriculum submissions for those who were unable to attend a previous session. Click the 'READ MORE' button for instructions on joining.More

Sign up today for our Annual Golf Tournament, Aug. 19
Less than 90 spots are left for our annual Golf Tournament on Tuesday, Aug. 19 at Legends on the Niagara, Niagara Falls, ON. Click here for more information or to register now. The Battlefield course is capped at 150 golfers so sign up today! All participants will be treated to a BBQ lunch and buffet dinner. Come out and meet new members, re-connect with familiar faces, or sign up to volunteer at the event. Exclusive sponsorship opportunities are available — contact Laura Huether at for more details. More

OMCA Golf prize table proceeds to go to Mary Lynn Higgins Youth Fund
OMCA will be donating all proceeds from the OMCA Prize Table Draw to the Mary Lynn Higgins Youth Fund, which provides opportunities for underprivileged youth to join their classmates on class trips. We are asking our members, regardless of golf participation, to join us in this very worthy cause by making a donation(s) valued at $100 or more, to be raffled off during our golf dinner and awards night. For more information or to make a donation, email Rozi Humphrey at or More

Direct flights to Toronto to boost tourism
Toronto Star
As more airlines choose Toronto as a destination, tourism officials believe more sophisticated visitors, with bigger vacation budgets, will be drawn to the city. "You are seeing the air industry respond to the growing demand," said Andrew Weir, vice-president of Tourism Toronto. "They are only going to put flights on routes they think they can fill." More

GO Transit bus service strike averted
CBC News
GO Transit bus riders can breathe a sigh of relief as the new work week begins today. In the early morning hours Monday, the union representing more than 1,850 bus drivers, station attendants, maintenance and safety personnel and some office staff reached a tentative deal with Metrolinx —​ the company that operates GO Transit — averting a labour strike that would have affected about 53,000 commuters. More

9 driving tips for those new to RVing
The Globe and Mail
Did you know that you can drive most recreational vehicles (RVs) with a regular driver's license? If you're new to RVing, it may look overwhelming, but it's actually fairly straightforward. RVs are now equipped with back-up and side cameras to help you get comfortable behind the wheel, and adjustable seats and steering wheel just like your normal vehicle. More

Police crackdown: No booze on party buses
Maple Ridge News
The party bus industry received a stern reminder from police and the province recently to keep alcohol off their rolling discos as graduation season approaches. After six years of tirelessly lobbying the province to regulate the burgeoning industry, Julie Raymond and her daughter Danielle believe they are finally being heard. More

Windsor-Essex missing out on hosting Chinese tourists
CBC News
While Tourism Week is underway in Ontario and the number of visitors in the area is on the rise, according to Tourism Windsor-Essex, Pelee Island, a researcher believes there is a market that's largely untapped. Some believe the region doesn't have what it takes to host tourists from one of the biggest markets in the world — China. More

Think-tank gives Green Party top marks for transit platform
The Green Party may be lagging in fourth place in the polls but they are ahead of the pack when it comes to their plan for improving transit and reducing congestion in the Greater Toronto Area, according to a new report card from an environmental think-tank. The Pembina Institute graded the provincial parties on five key elements of their transit platforms and Mike Schreiner and the Green Party came out on top. More

Unclogging Ontario's transportation arteries
Ottawa Citizen
There may be differences of opinion about how to fight congestion, but all four major parties admit some sort of increased public transit is key to alleviating the gridlock that's throttling our largest cities. This consensus alone represents a huge shift in thinking. Beyond that, here's what's in play in the provincial election debate on transit. More

How do Ontario's parties fare on transit report card?
The Record
Before you vote June 12, think about how the Liberal government has helped you get around. Since gaining power in 2003, it has widened Highway 8 in south Kitchener and launched the widening of the Highway 7/8 expressway in Kitchener. More

OMCA's voice is heard at Toronto's roundtable on gridlock and traffic congestion
On Feb. 28, OMCA was one of 21 stakeholder organizations invited by the City of Toronto to participate at a roundtable to discuss gridlock and traffic congestion. More

Stock pulls its school buses out of Eastern Ontario
Ottawa Sun
Ottawa's school bus industry is getting thrown under the bus. International transportation giant Stock Transportation, which has had the Ottawa area contract since 1991, said it would be closing its Ottawa operations, and issuing lay off notices to hundreds of its bus drivers after negotiations with the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority, a consortia member of the Ministry of Education, collapsed. More

Re-tired and put back to work
The Globe and Mail
Festering stockpiles of used passenger tires were once considered an environmental problem, but provincial recycling programs have collectively achieved one of the best diversion rates in the world, and one company plans to go further by marketing and selling retreaded tires. Canada generates roughly 30 million tires per year, and up to 98 per cent of them were diverted from landfill in 2012, according to the Rubber Association of Canada. More