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Nov. 11, 2014


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PACE Health Insurance — Open enrollment begins Nov. 15
PACE members have new options this year and a new partner for our health insurance program. As seen at the PACE Education Conference last month, Limelight Health is a new technology and health insurance resource for small employers and individuals. With more than 25 years experience in employee benefits, Limelight offers expert guidance through the maze of insurance plans and options. We also help provide rate and benefit information for all California health plans, including Covered California — the new health insurance marketplace created last year under the Affordable Care Act. Since last year, more than 3 million Californians got covered who previously were uninsured. Through PACE and Limelight, let's make sure all our members have access to coverage and get covered!

PACE members who currently have group coverage can get a free review their renewal options. Your group policy can renew from month to month and most likely, you have already received your renewal notice. This year, PACE members can compare options from Covered California SHOP, California Choice, Kaiser, Anthem, Blue Shield, Health Net and many other options. Find out if you qualify for Employer Tax Credits and how to help your part-time workers get covered too. Comparing your options is easy and can be done.

As open enrollment starts Nov. 15, individuals can get covered or renew their coverage with free, expert assistance. Limelight Health is a statewide network of certified and licensed enrollment agents with experience and flexible hours to help serve PACE members. With tax credits, tax penalties for not enrolling, and new options, health insurance is complex and the decisions can be confusing. Limelight can make it easy and pain free.

PACE members can contact Limelight Health at 877-897-5005 or

PACE 2015 Directory
It's that time of year! PACE is getting ready to compile it 2015 Directory.

Errors, Omissions, Corrections and Changes

In an effort to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in the directory, we need your help. If you have any changes or corrections (fax, email, new director, etc...), please email them to using the following format below.


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Daycare and preschool: The keys to a great education
The Daily News
Education depends heavily on the resources available, and the most important input is the children entering the system. Finns believe the key to their success in education is an early start on education. Krista Kiuru, Finland's minister of education, argues that the success of the Finnish system begins by providing every child under age 7 with excellent child care and preschool, regardless of family income (NPR, March 8). Nearly 98 percent of children participate at some point before first grade. More

Preschool and politics
Preschool Matters ... Today
Just before children started back to school this year, Gallup surveyed Americans on their attitudes towards the importance of education, including preschool education. Results continue to indicate strong backing for early childhood education programs, supported by federal funds, even when Americans believe that preschool (and college) are less important to long-term life outcomes than the K-12 years. Together, 73 percent of Americans polled indicated that they believe preschool is very important for future success in life.More

Pre-K has changed. Can teachers keep up?
Sarah Carr, a contributor for Slate, writes: "Earlier this fall, I visited Emma Markarian's prekindergarten classroom in the Bronx to see some 4-year-olds in action. The 15 preschoolers spread out to different activity centers across the classroom. In the block area, the youngsters learned essential math skills (including what it means to add or subtract a block from a structure), physical science skills (balance, height and weight), and literacy skills (they label and describe all of their structures, like castles and skyscrapers) — all through play."More

Federal policy can help avoid tragedies of unlicensed child care
The dirty underbelly of child care sometimes has the worst possible outcome: the injury or death of a child. A report by the Washington Post earlier this year found that 60 children had died in child care programs, with several more since, according to an op-ed published last week by the executive director of Child Care Aware of Virginia. Worse yet, some of those deaths might have been preventable: The Washington Post report found that more than 7 in 10 of the deaths occurred in child care programs operating legally without a license.More

Good but not good enough: Moving public will on early childhood education
The Huffington Post
Over the last 20 years or so neuroscientific research has demonstrated the importance of the early years of life to human development. More recently, University of Chicago economist James Heckman has persuasively argued that intervention in the lives of our youngest children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, is one of the wisest investments we can make to ensure America's future prosperity. The Obama White House has proposed that high-quality pre-school be extended to every child in America and has been convening meetings around the country with a broad group of stakeholders dedicated to his early learning agenda.More

San Francisco's universal preschool could prove a model for SoCal cities
Southern California Public Radio
When San Francisco voters overwhelmingly reauthorized the city's universal preschool program, ensuring an annual $27 million for the next 24 years, other California cities may well have sat up. The Obama administration's call for universal preschool has cities nationwide thinking about how to implement such programs. New York's mayor swept in a pilot project this year that offers preschool to 4-year-olds and Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia wants to do the same.More

Turning 3-year-olds into scientists
The Atlantic
Anyone who has spent time with 3- or 4-year-olds knows it can be exhausting. They're talkative, mobile and independent, with a penchant for asking questions about everything. But well-structured pre-kindergarten classrooms are designed to harness that unbridled energy into enthusiasm learning. Colorful posters on the walls and stations set up for small group work ensure that kids are engaged in the new concepts and skills they learn.More

Obama calls for preschool spending boost to support working women
Deseret News
Speaking on making women equal partners in the economy, President Barack Obama made a statement that has some advocates for stay-at-home mothers up in arms. "And too often, parents have no choice but to put their kids in cheaper daycare that maybe doesn't have the kinds of programming that makes a big difference in a child’s development. And sometimes there may just not be any slots, or the best programs may be too far away. Sometimes, someone — usually mom — leaves the workplace to stay home with the kid, which then leaves her earning a lower wage for the rest of her life as a result. And that's not a choice we want Americans to make," he said during a speech in Rhode Island.More

Findings from the first-grade rounds of the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class of 2010-2011
National Center for Education Statistics
This brief report provides a first look at the overall first-grade reading, math and science achievement of the students who were attending kindergarten for the first time in the 2010-2011 school year and who advanced to first grade for the 2011-2012 school year. The report uses new data from the first-grade rounds of the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class of 2010-2011. Reading, mathematics and science assessment scores in the fall and spring of first grade are shown, both overall and by selected child and family characteristics.More

PACE members: Save the date
Learn and get ready for the upcoming open enrollment. PACE has a new partner for our health insurance program and invites you to join us for a webinar on Nov 13. Bring your questions and get helpful information to get the most for your health benefits:

When: Thursday, Nov. 13, 2:30 p.m. PST
How: Not at your computer? Click the link to join this meeting from your iPhone®, iPad®, Android® or Windows Phone® device via the GoToMeeting app.More

The pitfalls of social media with teachers, coaches, parents and minors
HR Ideas
Protecting the Children- Protecting Your Organization
Social media is embedded in today's culture and is the "go-to" communication of children of all ages. Adults communicate to the children using social media, which may put the children and the adults at risk. Attend this complimentary webinar to learn about the risks, and what steps your organization can take to protect the children and keep your organization out of harm's way.

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 18
Time: 2 p.m.-3 p.m.
Cost: Free
Register: Click hereMore

Mandated reporter training
HR Ideas
Protecting the Children- Protecting Your Organization
Whether your organization is for profit or not-for-profit, you are held to the same standards when it comes to protecting the children your staff and organization comes in contact with. It is your ethical and legal responsibility to report any incidents of child abuse or neglect — not doing so is putting you, the children and your organization at risk. Join Us for this informative training to learn about your legal responsibilities as a mandated reporter.

Training Includes:
* Certificate of completion
* Knowledge assessment test

Date: Wednesday, Nov. 5
Time: 2 p.m.-3 p.m.
Register: Click here

Date: Wednesday, Dec. 3
Time: 2 p.m.-3 p.m.
Register: Click here

Cost*: HRI Clients: Complimentary with HRI Shield Plan. Accessible through eHRI. Non-Clients/Members; $25/person

*Cost is per person. Payment is billed at the time registration forms are received. 48-hour cancellation notice required for refund. Cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance will be credited for future classes. More

CA paid sick leave webinar
HR Ideas
Last Month, Gov. Jerry Brown signed into effect the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014, also known as the CA Paid Sick Leave Act. Starting July 1st, 2015, all California employers will be required to provide paid sick leave to certain employees. HRI is conducting a webinar to explain the new CA Paid Sick Leave Law.

Join us for this complimentary and informative webinar to learn about the implications this new law will have on your current sick leave policies and your business overall.

Monday, Nov. 17
10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

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Ebola webinar
HR Ideas
Ebola is on everyone's mind these days. But many California employers are not aware of how Ebola can affect their business today.

Join us for an informative webinar to learn about Ebola, how it can affect your business, and your responsibilities as an employer to keep your employees and your business safe.

Thursday, Nov. 20
10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.
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Management harassment training
HR Ideas
Harassment Training for Managers — fulfills AB1825 Requirement
California law AB 1825 requires employers with 50 or more employees to provide all managers, supervisors, leads, or anyone advising employees with two hours of interactive sexual harassment training every two years.

All supervisory personnel must be trained within six months of their date of hire or promotion, and every two years thereafter. Supervisory personnel have a personal responsibility to keep the workplace free of harassment; failure to do so can lead to a financial fine to the supervisor/manager. Attending this seminar will meet legal requirements and reduce the company's exposure, educate your management and improve your company's work environment.

Certificate of completion issued.

English Harassment Training
Date: Monday, Jan. 12
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Location: GGRA Conference Room
220 Montgomery St, #990
San Francisco, CA 94104
Register: Click here

Cost*: HRI Clients, GGRA, CLIA Members: $85/person (with promo code) Non-Clients/Members; $105/person

*Cost is per person. Payment is billed at the time registration forms are received. 48-hour cancellation notice required for refund. Cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance will be credited for future classes.More