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May. 6, 2015

Volunteers work to fix up WWII-era plane at California museum
The San Luis Obispo Tribune
Volunteers with the Estrella Warbirds Museum in Paso Robles, California, have been working together over the last three weeks to bring new life to a World War II-era airplane. "All the volunteers are donating their time to keep this old airplane going," Estrella Warbirds Museum member Hector Camacho said.More

Magnetic MRO introduces 3-D printing into aircraft parts production process
Aviation Pros
Magnetic MRO, Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Organization, introduces 3-D printing into aircraft parts production process, as part of its strategy to offer efficient Total Technical Care MRO services. In close co-operation with university partners and 3-D software developers, Magnetic MRO has successfully finished 3D printing of their first prototypes of aircraft interior parts.More

Torqued: NASA data reveals intimidation of airline mechanics
According to author John Goglia: I have been concerned about recent reports by mechanics at major airlines of intimidation and pressure by supervisors to violate FAA safety rules. One situation I discussed last month resulted in a federal lawsuit by mechanics and their union against the airline and the other involved a settlement of a whistleblower complaint by a mechanic at a different airline.More

Feds may step in as airlines, travel groups battle over state subsidies
By Ryan Clark
Domestic airlines have been waging a war with travel groups and Middle East airlines over the latter's use of state-funded subsidies, bringing into the question the free-market equality promoted by the Open Skies agreements. At issue is whether the United Arab Emirates and Qatar should be allowed to provide funding to their countries' airlines. These subsidies cover revenue losses as the airlines expand rapidly across the globe and offer low fares to travelers.More

FAA issues SAIB for King Air stabilizer structures
The FAA issued a Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) for certain models of the Beechcraft King Air F90, 200, B200, 300, B300 and Commuter 1900 series — specific models on type certificate data sheet A24CE — due to the potential for corrosion in the empennage structure. This airworthiness concern is not an unsafe condition that would warrant Airworthiness Directive action, the FAA has determined.More

Video: Back your Husky up to the dock
General Aviation News
Two and three blade MT propeller systems — with a reversing option — are now available for installation on Aviat Husky aircraft. Flight Resource founding partner Larry Schlasinger said he received the STC. "We are very excited to be able to offer this new option to our customers," said Schlasinger. "The reversing system allow pilots to toggle between normal forward thrust and reverse thrust while the aircraft is on the ground or water, adding another level of safety to those who are flying with our MT Propellers."More

The devil is in the details with unleaded avgas
General Aviation News
In the 1970s, the automotive world switched from leaded to unleaded fuels and the oil companies did a lot of research on knocking and how to prevent it. One of the big projects involved octane requirement increase. In this program, cars were rated for octane requirement when new and then every 2,000 miles. The octane requirement increased until it leveled off at about 20,000 miles. Usually the ORI was about 6 to 10 numbers.More