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Nov. 12, 2014

'Serious' victory for repair stations
General Aviation News
Thanks to a coalition of aviation trade associations and the responsiveness of the FAA, the Code of Federal Regulations will retain seven important letters. The word "serious" has been reinserted into the paragraph of 14 CFR Part 145 requiring repair stations to report failures, malfunctions or defects in articles received for work to the agency within 96 hours.More

Spirits, WWII planes soar for Veterans' Day at Mississippi airport
Jackson Clarion-Ledger
Recently, John Patterson got to live out a lifelong dream. Even though he's served in the infantry for more than 10 years, including fighting in Iraq, he has always wanted to fly in a North American T-6 Texan. Thanks to a local pilot and business owner, he got to do that. Patterson was there with his wife, Holley, and his service dog, Tucker. "I was raised around and in airplanes my entire life, my father flew, and he took us up to Osh Kosh, Wisconsin, to the big fly-in every year since I was about 10 years old," Patterson said.More

WWI vet's writings, photos bring the 'Great War' to California
Harry Russell, whose photos show him to be a handsome young man in his uniform, joined the Army on July 30, 1917. Being an aircraft mechanic in the days when a plane engine was started by spinning the propeller by hand was a different world from today. One picture shows him in a shop in England, surrounded by the bicycle-like wheel assemblies that were the landing gear for the biplanes flown from both sides of the trenches.More

Airlines for America files suit to stop wage increase at SeaTac
KOMO News and The Associated Press via Aviation Pros
An airline industry trade organization is suing the Port of Seattle over its decision to increase the minimum wage for some workers at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The port voted in July to raise the minimum wage for workers who require a security badge to do their jobs to $11.22 an hour in January 2015 and $13 an hour in January 2017. The port estimates more than 3,000 people would get a raise under the proposal.More

GA supporters retain seats in recent election
General Aviation News
Key general aviation supporters retained their seats in both chambers of Congress in the recent election, while two incoming elected officials are members of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, officials with AOPA report. But retirements and election losses will leave the General Aviation Caucuses in both the House and Senate with some rebuilding to do in 2015, AOPA officials add. Republicans expanded their numbers in the House of Representatives, winning what will be the largest majority since World War II, even with some as-yet-undecided races.More

Aerospace suppliers see manufacturing boom in the near future
Avionics Today
The aerospace supply industry is still in the early days of a long-term boom in orders, according to industry participants at a recent suppliers summit at GE Aviation's headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. Suppliers, manufacturers and private equity professionals active in the aerospace industry attended the event and reported, in an overwhelming majority, the expectations that the industry will continue to take off in coming years.More

Top 6 environmental hazards in MRO
Aviation Week
MRO facilities contribute to emissions that can harm air quality, including oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, unburnt hydrocarbons, sulphur dioxide and fine particulate matter. These emissions are produced not only by aircraft engines but also auxiliary power units, apron vehicles, deicing procedures and apron spillages of fuel and chemicals.More