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Dec. 23, 2013

The high price of cooperating with FAA investigations by John Goglia
April 10, 2013: My fellow mechanics this is a cautionary tale based on a true story that could have happened to almost any of us. The details are intentionally left fuzzy as the case winds itself through the FAA enforcement system. This tale begins more than three years ago when certain hapless mechanics were first questioned by an FAA inspector about maintenance they had performed. As these men were used to a cooperative relationship with their local FSDO, they willingly recounted details of the work that they had done in response to informal — and later formal — questions from FAA inspectors.More

Torqued: FAA must get its act together on ADs
AIN Online
July 3, 2013: John Goglia writes: "How accurate should airworthiness directives be? Before you answer that question, let me give you an example of an actual AD applicable to the Airbus A318/319/320/321 and then you can decide whether the information provided is sufficient for a mechanic to perform the required maintenance properly. I know you're not all mechanics, but I don't think you need to be one to see the problem."More

Couple sues aircraft maintenance company after tail section falls off at 15,000 feet
Aviation Online Magazine
Sept. 5, 2013: Joseph Skilken, his wife Karen, their two daughters, ages 9 and 12, along with his parents-in-law departed from Port Columbus International Airport May 31 at about 9:50 a.m. for Colorado Springs, Colo., in their Cessna 441 airplane, N383SS. The family was to celebrate Karen's 50th birthday however, what was to be a celebration turned into a nightmare for the family.More

OSHA safety regulations demand hazmat training
AIN Online
July 31, 2013: Thousands of flight department employees, such as aircraft maintenance technicians, will be required by Dec. 1 to take U.S. government-mandated hazardous material training to help them identify and protect themselves against potentially hazardous materials and situations.More

NTSB urges expanded maintenance duty time regulations
Aviation Week
Feb. 13, 2013: The National Transportation Safety Board is calling for establishing new duty-time regulations covering maintenance workers involved in on-demand, fractional and all repair station operations, along with those involved with scheduled carriers.More

FAA reverses maintenance duty time legal interpretation — PAMA submission helps!
Jan. 9, 2013: PAMA believes that looking at days worked alone totally misses the mark when it comes to fatigue. There are numerous factors that must be considered as a whole to have a viable fatigue prevention system.

Some of the issues concern hours worked in a day. A technician might work three days in a row of 16 hours each and become fatigued way before a six-day work week ever became an issue. Also, a technician who normally works until midnight might become fatigued after only two hours of overtime due to working past the time he would normally go to sleep.

Additionally, what the person is doing while off duty can play a large role in the person's ability to perform their duties safely. A technician, who works nights, could easily spend their day cutting down trees, or cultivating a garden. Many of these tasks are more labor intensive than the actual aircraft maintenance.

We are pleased that ARSA, Transport Workers Union of America and PAMA made direct comments on this ruling. Many other organizations also supported the effort.More

Is pilot shortage an even larger threat to aviation than government?
May 1, 2013: If you read the aviation news of today, you might conclude that the most threatening development on the horizon is the Obama administration's budget proposal to impose "user fees" on private airplane flights in the United States. Not so fast. It just might be a looming worldwide shortage of pilots.More

Notice to all AMT's with an Inspection Authorization
Jan. 2, 2013: Recently, the FAASTeam Inspection Authorization Refresher Course Coordinator (IA RCC) was made aware that a course that had been previously accepted for use as an IA Refresher Training Course was still being taught as an "Accepted" course, almost two years after it had expired. The course provider's name is AVTRAK, which is no longer in business.More

Congress wary of outsourcing aircraft maintenance
Roll Call
March 6, 2013: Congress last year mandated the Federal Aviation Administration step up oversight of the growing trend by U.S. carriers of outsourcing aircraft maintenance to foreign repair stations. The 2012 aviation authorization requires the FAA to ensure that foreign repair stations are inspected to guarantee standards consistent with U.S. requirements.More

Tap your inner mechanic with 5 aviation maintenance apps
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
June 27, 2013: The revolution moving aviation tasks from paper to digital continues, so it only makes sense that this expand to the aviation maintenance side. Here are five apps designed to help users with the upkeep of aircraft maintenance. These are not endorsements of any app.More