PBUS News Update
Jan. 24, 2014

Message from the President
Scott G. Hall

Planning for the 2014 PBUS Winter Conference is in full swing! This is going to be one PBUS' biggest and most exciting events yet.

With speakers like Judge Mathis, Morgan Fairchild, Oklahoma State Sen. Ralph Shortey and many more, there won't be an empty seat in the house. And Planet Hollywood is rolling out the red carpet for us, with lots to see and do!

But this conference is more than that: This is a PBUS election year, and you will determine the future leaders of our association. Your vote matters, so don't get left out in the cold. Register today — and don't forget that early bird registration has been extended to Monday, Feb. 3! More

Top judge points to power of bail bonds lobby in debate over reform
The Baltimore Sun
Judge Ben C. Clyburn, one of Maryland's most senior judges, has said that it would not be "realistic" to eliminate money bail in the state, because the bail bondsmen's lobby is so powerful. The comment came as Clyburn, the head of the district court, testified at the General Assembly about proposals to change the early stages of the criminal justice system. More

Bondsman helps track down sex offender in Oregon
CBS News
Morgan County Sheriff Jim Petty said a bail bondsman provided information about a phone number for Timothy Register, and the phone was traced to the motel in Bend, Oreg., which led to his capture. More

North Carolina bondsman wants to see diversity in law enforcement
The Salisbury Post
Scott Teamer, a North Carolina bail bondsman, said there are talented people of color in the Salisbury Police Department who could be promoted. Teamer went on to say that City Council members have tried to improve public relations by meeting with residents in the West End — where crime is on the rise — but an African American leader in the police department could have a greater impact.More

Aristotle and pretrial release
Jerry Watson says: In the first installment of The Bail Papers, I suggested that — regarding the process of release pending trial — the most important thing that could come out of 2014 would be the initiation of dialogue between the public sector (government sponsored pretrial release programs) and the private sector (commercial bail bond industry).More

Ohio's prison population nears record high, prospect of early release
The Plain Dealer
The inmate population in Ohio's already crowded prison system is projected to reach a record 51,601 by June 30 — more than 4,100 higher what state officials predicted in 2012. And by 2019, the population is expected to climb even higher to 53,484 inmates, or 139 percent above what the prison system was designed to accommodate. More

Federal judges say California prison talks failed
Los Angeles Times
Federal judges in California have confirmed that Gov. Jerry Brown and lawyers for inmates failed to agree on a plan to handle crowding in the state's prisons and announced they will order a solution instead. More

The fallacy of gun buyback programs
POLICE Magazine
Imagine the law enforcement officers of the Wild West offering to buy the James Gang's pistols to end their criminal reign, rather than putting a bounty on their heads. Now imagine the government of any country naively paying good money to its criminal gangs or terrorists to voluntarily turn in their weapons to disarm themselves. Silly, right?More

Mapping crime before it happens
The Crime Report
A new software application developed at the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice uses crime and environmental data to identify, predict and map locations that may attract criminal activity.More

In reversal, FBI now emphasizes role in law enforcement
The Cable
The Federal Bureau of Investigation has decided to revise a controversial fact sheet that declared its primary mission to be "national security," following criticism that the agency seemed to be moving away from its longstanding role as the nation's preeminent law enforcement agency. More