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Jul. 10, 2014

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We look forward to your participation at the PBUSNashville Mid-Year Meeting!More

Ohio Supreme Court: Cash-only bail is unconstituitional
The Ohio Supreme Court ruled a judge can't order defendants to put up cash only to get out of jail, but that they must accept surety bonds and other forms of bail as well. Two bail bonds companies from Columbus and Canton sued the Licking County and Wayne County Common Pleas Courts. The bail bonds companies said those courts’ requirement of 10 percent cash for bail and their refusal to accept surety bonds — which are backed by some kind of security — are unconstitutional.More

Bill would expand GPS electronic monitoring in California
With and more and more so-called nonviolent convicted felons being transferred from the California State Prison system to already crowded local county jails under AB 109, one state legislator wants to expand the GPS electronic monitoring programs to accommodate the prison realignment. "We are really experiencing what is putting a great stress on our county jails", says 14th District State Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla who has introduced Assembly Bill 2499, "this bill would allow the Sheriff along with his County Board of Supervisors to expand the electronic monitoring program to some of these prisoners that have been sent back to county jail." More

Bail jumper arrested after answering Redskins question for newspaper
Larry Brown Sports
If you have a warrant out for your arrest and are trying to avoid law enforcement, you definitely should not answer a question for a newspaper’s opinion column and agree to allow the paper to run your photograph. Jacob Close, a 25-year-old Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, university student, learned that the hard way over the weekend. More

Man chained by bondsman charged with bail jumping
Dothan Eagle
One of two men chained to the Dothan municipal courtroom door last month by a local bail bondsman was arrested and charged with second-degree bail jumping. Greg Tiller, 34, of Dothan, was booked into the Dothan City Jail afternoon and later transferred to the Houston County Jail. Family members said his bond has been set at $6,000.More

Legislators pursue jail overcrowding plan
For years, the Jefferson County, New York, jail has been overcrowded, but county legislator Scott Gray says there's a plan to fix that by turning a recreation area into a dorm for inmates. "They have basically signed off on it at this point, as giving us the green light to proceed with the project," he said. The county sends inmates out to other jails, sometimes 40 or more at a time. Converting the dormitory would create 36 new beds for inmates and cost around $100,000. Gray says this plan is millions less than the alternative. More

Money bail system not right for NJ
A number of proposals designed to streamline and improve bail and pretrial detention policies in New Jersey have arisen in recent months, inspired by a growing consensus that our rapidly expanding jail populations are both economically unsustainable and socially harmful. The central problem with the current system is an over-reliance on money bail as the primary mechanism of pretrial release. Another unjust and destructive consequence of fashioning money bail as the central tenant of the pretrial release process is the growth of the largely unregulated and often ethically questionable bail bond business.More

AWOL inmate cut off electronic monitoring bracelet, officials say
Channel 3000
The Dane County Sheriff’s Office said a 35-year-old inmate cut off his electronic monitoring bracelet and has been declared AWOL from the Dane County Jail.More