PBUS News Update
Aug. 21, 2014

PBUS Home Office Move
Message from the President
Scott G. Hall

PBUS is readying to move its home office from Miami, Florida, to Orlando, Florida, effective September 1, 2015! This move will streamline PBUS operations in one location. Beginning on the first of next month, please send all mail directly to our new office, centrally located in Orlando. Our PBUS phone and fax numbers remain the same.

The new PBUS home office address is below:
Professional Bail Agents of the United States
801 N. Magnolia Avenue, Suite 418
Orlando, FL 32803

Please make note of this address change for future reference. As always, thank you for your support of your national bail association!More

New Jersey governor takes on the bail bondsmen
The New York Times (commentary)
Gov. Chris Christie, who often likens New Jersey's pretrial system to "debtors' prisons," signed two bills that offer hope for something a lot fairer. One bill would remake the system so it more nearly resembles the federal system — allowing judges to keep suspects in jail if they are a flight risk or a threat to society, but not because they can't post bail. The second bill authorizes a vote in November on a constitutional amendment that must be approved before Christie's proposed reforms can take effect.More

New Jersey bounty hunter stays a step ahead of new bail rules
The Trentonian
Veteran private eye and bounty hunter Robert Clark is ready for New Jersey's new bail rules with technology for tracking a suspect's every move between arrest and appearance in court. Clark is convinced the answer to jails clogged with nonviolent types awaiting trial is letting them out wearing monitoring devices that tell on them if they break release rules set by a bail bondsman or the courts.More

Todd Spitzer: Imperfect tracking technology
OCRegister (commentary)
Global Position Satellite monitoring allows convicted criminals and, in some jurisdictions, those charged but not convicted, to essentially roam the streets — as long as they are wearing a device and checking in at regular intervals with designated law enforcement departments. But while GPS technology is powerful, our emerging systems are not perfect. When it comes to public safety, we cannot afford to be guinea pigs.More

Nun's bail project helps inmates get out of jail
South Bend Tribune
Locked up in the St. Joseph County Jail in Indiana, Markcus Wilson heard stories from other inmates about a benevolent stranger who could help get him out of jail while his case was pending. It almost seemed too good to be true to the 24-year-old man, but his uncle confirmed the tale that accompanies a phone number scrawled on the jail wall.More

Sex offender parole rates rising
The Gazette
Sex offenders are required to serve what law deems "special sentences" for a minimum of 10 years or up to a lifetime after serving their criminal sentence — although some limited exceptions can occur. The offender serves parole for the special sentence, which can include electronic monitoring, psychological evaluations, cognitive therapy, group therapy and individualized attention, or a combination of those services. The number of offenders on special sentence supervision has grown by more than six times since fiscal 2009, a report earlier this year by the Iowa Sex Offender Research Council said.More

Washington jail now taking plastic for bail
My Everett News
If you have the unfortunate situation of being arrested and booked into the Snohomish County Jail in downtown Everett, Washington, and find yourself a little short on cash for your bail, no worries. Now you can charge your bail on your credit card.More

Dog the Bounty Hunter going digital with Facebook
Dog the Bounty Hunter is going high tech, because he's now figured out a failsafe way to unleash the dog pound on criminals — thanks to War Machine. Dog says he's never used social media before, but he'll never be without it again, after his troops mobilized in an incredible way.More

Kansas defensive lineman TJ Semke has uncommon 2nd job: bounty hunting
The Topeka Capital-Journal
T.J. Semke raced up the stairway in the nearly century-old house, making his way to the top floor before the seven other men behind him. The man he was after was moving toward the window, hoping to open it up to make his way onto the roof for an escape. Semke didn't let him. He sprinted over to stop the man, waiting for the others to arrive before taking him to the authorities. More

Los Angeles County jail crowding forces release of airline stowaway
Daily Breeze
The California woman who stowed away on a flight to Los Angeles, then violated an order to stay away from LAX without a ticket, was released from L.A. County jail, just three days after a court commissioner ordered her to spend six months behind bars.More

PCS Bail Bonds, Tarrant County's premier bail bond service, comments on Texas anti-abortion law trial
PCS Bail Bonds, Fort Worth, Texas' most trusted bail bond service, is releasing its expert opinion on a potential statewide anti-abortion regulation that, if implemented, would leave only eight clinics in Texas where females can legally have abortions. More