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Mar. 26, 2014

REMINDER to Members: PMI OVOC Annual Satisfaction Survey

On March 18th, 2014, PMI Global sent an email to members requesting their feedback regarding the annual satisfaction survey of the PMI OVOC. If you didn't receive this important email from Brantlee Underhill (on behalf of PMI Global), please send an email to PMI Market Research Department ( More

PMI OVOC Annual Business Meeting and Dinner

Hot off the press! Registration is now open so take advantage of early bird specials for the upcoming PMI OVOC ABM Meeting and Dinner! Don't miss out on this great networking event! Please click here for your personal event invitation from Derek Hughes, President of PMI OVOC! The Annual Business Meeting and Dinner will be held at the Delta Hotel complex in downtown Ottawa on May 2nd, 2014. This is the foremost event in the calendar where members have an excellent opportunity to learn everything there is to know about the Chapter. Attendees can meet Board Members and there will be the opportunity to find out about the Chapter's future planned events. The upcoming plans, in terms of the direction that the Chapter will be taking in the short and medium term, will be explained. Members can offer their influence toward future Chapter business and plans as well as having the opportunity to hear from the out-going President, the exceptional Derek Hughes.

Thereafter the ABM Dinner will provide an excellent networking opportunity for all attendees (members & guests) where the captivating Francine Provost will deliver an engaging keynote speech.

TO REGISTER for the ABM (members meeting and/or dinner), click here.More

PMI OVOC BYLAWS: Note to Members

In order to conform to PMI Global standards, the PMI OVOC chapter bylaws have been amended to follow PMI Global's new standard for chapter bylaws. The amended Chapter by-laws found in the link below, are proposed by the 2013 Board of Directors. It is a requirement from PMI Global that all chapters follow this standard formatting of their by-laws. Amendments are highlighted in yellow.

Members, please click on the link below to review the proposed amended chapter by-laws (see Version 6.1 - January 2014) and be prepared to cast your ratification vote at the Annual Business Meeting on Friday, May 2, 2014. PMI OVOC Chapter Bylaws Changes More

Requirements management ensures benefits realization

As the global environment becomes more complex, the pressure is on for you to deliver the right results, on-time and on-budget. You can't afford failures caused by weak or inaccurate requirements. Use this knowledge center of excellence as your one-stop shop to improve requirements management capabilities and maturity to advance your project outcomes. More

3 imperatives for good project managers
Harvard Business Review
We all have good ideas. The hard part is making them happen. HR departments love handing out worksheets on how to plan your time. Management gurus have written hundreds of pages of advice on how to better manage your week, your day, and your hour. But what happens when you try and apply that advice to your team or organization? How do you deliver complex, multi-level, multi-year programs of work across teams and business units that may be, quite honestly, in chaos? More

Your next staffing crisis: Project managers
Many organizations may soon find themselves understaffed with project managers, putting them at great disadvantage as the economy continues to recover. That is the finding of the recent study ESI 2013 Project Manager Salary and Development Survey by project management training company ESI International. The firm surveyed 1,800 project managers in 12 different industries in the U.S. More

How project managers should manage requirements
Business 2 Community
One of the biggest reasons projects fail is due to a lack of commonly agreed — and commonly understood — requirements. Without effective planning, communication and testing in the early days of the development process, project teams are vulnerable to requirement defects, and will therefore only discover problems when they are at the testing stage. More

PMXPO 2014 is once again excited to be bringing you our annual virtual conference and exhibition. It's your opportunity to learn, network, earn PDUs and gain valuable knowledge all from the comfort of your home, office-or home office. Join us Thursday April 24 for PMXPO 2014! Six sessions full of enlightening project management lessons will cover important issues in spaces like IT strategy, agile project management, portfolio management, PMOs and Visual PM. More

Recognizing risk in project management
Most of us want to work on projects that make a difference. So we have to deal with risk. Project managers talk a lot about risk. They prepare risk registers. They analyze impacts and probabilities. They define strategies to mitigate risks. Then they do nothing. All this work goes into a document repository somewhere, and gets forgotten. More

Emerging trends in project management
Local Berkshire
Project management is an industry that is constantly shifting and changing, with new technology and fresh trends changing the way in which we manage projects and attempt to steer them towards ultimate success. Sadly there's no such thing as a PM crystal ball.More

The Agile Holocracy
Dr. Dobb's
Agile is a culture, not a set of practices. It is upper management's job to establish that culture, and then let it work. A holocratic organization is one of the better ways to do that. A holocracy is made up of autonomous, self-reliant units called holons (from the Greek word for "whole"). More

Business transformation hinges on great project management
Business transformation is a top priority for many CEOs, but how do companies manage through the complex changes that are necessary to do it? Success requires great execution one project at a time. Business transformation is a step-by-step process.More

Of tools, skills and techniques
What is the importance of project management (PM)? Is there a demand? Nowadays project management has become strategic for many companies. Currently companies are asked to innovate their products and service more frequently than in the past. The implementation of these requests happens through projects. Managing projects in the best way is thus a fundamental asset that companies should have in order to be competitive. More

Infrastructure: The trillion-dollar gap
The Chronicle Herald
According to the World Economic Forum, global spending on basic infrastructure — transportation, power, water and communications — currently amounts to $2.7 trillion a year when it ought to be $3.7 trillion. The gap is almost as big as South Korea's GDP, and it is likely to grow fast. In two areas, however, a few innovations could transform the market. The first is the professionalization of project management. More