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May. 20, 2015

PMI OVOC FREE Members Networking Event: June 17, 2015

You won't want to miss this unique Networking event! There are many reasons to attend — to be more effective at your job, manage your career and find new opportunities. It's not just what you know and what you can do, but also who you know. Speed networking can be another tool in your professional toolkit to contribute to your success.

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How to fast track your project
When you're up against tight deadlines it's good to have some tricks up your sleeve to be able to get project tasks completed more quickly. There are three main techniques that project managers use when they need to save time and deliver faster. In this article we'll share the secrets of shaving time off your schedule (try saying that quickly!) More

Turn project managers into change managers
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A study found companies can lose millions of dollars because of poor change management. But learning leaders can fix this by equipping project managers and leaders with the right mindset.More

IT project risk an abiding CIO challenge
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Despite decades of experience with formalized project management methodologies, widespread awareness of the need to identify and manage risks, and increasingly sophisticated supportive technology, organizations still struggle to execute IT projects successfully. Problems such as cost overruns, missed deadlines, and failure to meet business requirements have become so frequent they are largely expected and, for the most part, accepted as the norm. More

Is your project management software up to the job?
Construction Global
From deleting the wrong text message to suffering a mid-work power cut, everyone has suffered from data loss. Such incidents on the personal scale can be pretty annoying but for those involved in construction project management, the loss of large amounts of data can have disastrous consequences. Thankfully, the days when the loss or theft of a quantity surveyor's laptop can threaten the profit margin on a major building scheme are starting to disappear.More