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May. 21, 2014

2014 National Capital Project Management Symposium: October 14 - 16. Save the Date!

This year's theme is 'Beyond Gantt — the Four P's of Success'
The road to success in project management goes well beyond the Gantt chart. People, Process, Product and Presence represent the four P's of success in project management. The 2014 PMI OVOC conference will provide project and program management professionals, stakeholders, PMO offices, researchers and students industry leading coverage on in depth topics covering the four P's of project success.
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PMP Testing Centre Now Located in downtown Ottawa!

You have applied for the credential. Now what? Once you are eligible to take the credential exam, PMI will notify you by e-mail and send you examination scheduling instructions.

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PMI OVOC Exam Prep Study Groups

PMI OVOC operates a PMP Prep study group under the guidance Abdallah Abi-Aad. The dates for the Study Groups are stated below and run from 600 PM-8:00 PM.

The objectives of these sessions are as follows:

• Help participants to understand the PMBOK® knowledge areas using the Process Groups flow
• Answer participants questions related to the PMP exam or 5th PMBOK® knowledge areas
• Discuss areas where participants need clarification or help
• Review PMP practice questions

Session Dates:
May 28th, 2014 - Initiating and Planning Process Groups will be covered.
June 11th, 2014 - Executing, Monitoring and Controlling and Closing Process Groups will be covered.

Number of participants: 3-5 per session. Location will be communicated later to the participant.

If interested in participating, please contact Abdallah directly at

Projects fail for the same reasons fad diets fail — it's simple but not easy!
Project Accelerator
With depressing regularity, someone in a magazine or a social media site will ask "What are the top reasons why projects fail?" Unsurprisingly, such surveys come up with the same old answers time after time. The reason projects fail is for the same reason fad diets fail — it's simple but not easy. More

Employee engagement doesn't equal employee happiness
"Engaged employees are happy employees," someone recently had the misfortune of saying in front of me at a meeting. Why does this seemingly harmless statement make my ears ring and my mouth twitch? Because it's not true. More

How to hire a great project manager
Entrepreneurs and businesses require finding people that can be critical to their success. Unfortunately, too many seem to go about it in the wrong way, especially when hiring project managers. This article is to help hiring managers improve their practices to find the best project managers for their needs. More

5 big project management problems ... and how to solve them
Business News Daily
Inaccurate updates on how projects are faring are the reason many don't turn out as expected, new research suggests. The misreporting of project statuses, at all levels of the company, is often to blame for corporate projects failing or ballooning in cost.More

The case for the Chief Project Officer
For more years than I care to admit, I have been suggesting to anyone who will listen that organizations will soon be appointing Chief Project Officers, or CPOs. Well some organizations have, but let's be honest: I wouldn't have made much money as a fortuneteller because it's still a pretty uncommon job title. More

10 things every leader should always teach
PM Hut
John Maxwell said, "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." This is one of your functions as a leader. While it may not be in a formal classroom setting it is teaching nonetheless and the lessons are important. Here are ten lessons every leader should always be teaching. It's not an exhaustive list but these are essential. More

Project management: The key to successful localization
The Empire State Building was built at the rate of a floor a day — an astounding achievement given the scale, complexity and logistical challenges of ensuring materials availability in New York traffic. And it was planned on paper. By contrast, many projects fail at huge cost today, across all industries, despite the availability of project management software, client portals and the like. More

Role of management in agile governance
How can we manage and govern multiple agile teams? At the Agile Governance conference in Amsterdam Christoph Johann Stettina presented about agile governance and the role of management. He studied 14 large European organizations on how they apply agile project management methods in IT project portfolios. More