The Leader
Jun. 3, 2014

PMI OVOC Call for Content

Following up on the message from Sharon Burke, our new PMI OVOC president, and as the new director PR Marketing and Sponsorship, I am extending an opportunity to you, our members, and extended stakeholders of PMI OVOC to:

"Be part of the conversation and help us to maximize what OVOC can do for you and where it goes in the future."

My name is Gary Scherling, and I am responsible for looking at the public relations, marketing and sponsorships within PMI OVOC with fresh eyes. How can you help? You can:
1. Volunteer
2. Write an article
3. Engage in PMI OVOC's social media sites
4. Become a speaker
5. Attend the various events
6. Join a community of practice
7. Send suggestions

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A PMI Riddle

What do you call 100 leaders from 19 chapters across Eastern Canada and the North Eastern United States? Why a Region 3 Conference of course!!!

OVOC is proud to be hosting the 2014 Region 3 conference at the Delta Hotel in beautiful downtown Ottawa from May 29 to the 31st. More than 100 delegates from 19 sister chapters will be converging on the nation's capital to discuss chapter management, volunteers, telecommunications, social media, and a whole plethora of other chapter related topics! OVOC is doing presentations on how to develop a chapter's Strategic Plan as well as how to effectively use Social Media. We welcome all the delegates and their families to our wonderful city and hope this if the first of many visits.

Keep watch for photos and full coverage in a future edition of The Leader.More

PMI OVOC Exam Prep Study Groups

PMI OVOC operates a PMP Prep study group under the guidance Abdallah Abi-Aad. The Study Groups run from 600 PM-8:00 PM. The last session of this series will be held June 11th, 2014. Executing, Monitoring and Controlling and Closing Process Groups will be covered. If interested in participating, please contact Abdallah directly at More

Fight or flight?
Voices on Project Management
Most points of difference can be resolved through negotiation, discussion or input from a third party. But other times, circumstances quickly descend into acrimony. Bear in mind when a "fight" breaks out, it's always personal and emotional. If you can remove those two elements, all that remains is a difference or disagreement that can be resolved. More

How to stay focused and productive during the summer
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Summer is a season unlike any other. According to a study by Captivate Network, productivity at work from June to August drops by 20 per cent; attendance decreases by 19 per cent, and we're all 45 per cent more distracted. More

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In order to run a successful business, you better know how to keep projects on task. Fred Mouawad, an entrepreneur and creator of the task-management platform Taskworld, said good project management is fundamental to a company's success. More

Message from PMI OVOC President Sharon Burke, PMP

Project Management is rarely something that people identify as their career choice and then set out to establish themselves in. More often it's an evolution. This is certainly how it was for me.More

10 phrases to avoid in project communications
Project Manager
I have to confess to playing buzzword bingo in meetings before now (Google it — it's essentially where you listen out for corporate jargon in meetings and the first person to complete their bingo card wins) but I don't think that this sort of language has much, if any, place in project communications. Why? Because project teams are often made up of international members who may not have English as their first language and who will be potentially confused by this sort of jargon. More

Who owns project management in your company?
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I did an interesting piece of work recently. The company had its own project management approach which had been updated. The PMO Manager wanted some training to ensure that people not only knew about the revised approach, but refreshed their project management skills. More

5 ways to 'communicate up'
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Whether you manage projects or entire portfolios, some of your time will be spent advising senior executives. Knowing how to speak their language is essential for building your own career as a leader. Because senior management can influence the future of your projects, it is key to learn critical communication skills to effectively present information that lands on listening, not deaf, ears.More

How to assure your project will fail: Update
Herding Cats
There is a short eBook titled Dealing with Complexity in Software Projects that can be downloaded. This book starts with the hypothesis put forth by Theory of Project Management: Explanation of Novel Methods, in which it is conjectured that traditional project management processes are now obsolete and new project management processes are needed. Agile of course is one of those suggested.More