The Leader
Jun. 10, 2014

Region3 Summit on the Hill

As we mentioned in last week’s The Leader, the Annual Region 3 Summit ( was hosted by the PMI OVOC with more than 110 delegates from 19 chapters across Eastern Canada and the North Eastern United States.

The conference started on Friday morning, piped in by James Mackey: He just turned 16. He's been a competitive piper since he was about 13 and last year he competed in the world piping championships in Glasgow. Inaugurating the summit, Michael Smith and Venkat Ramachandran underscored the importance of the two day programs, thanked all the sponsors and acknowledged the volunteers who worked hard behind the scenes to put this together.

There was a variety of speakers throughout the two-day conference, which will be shared through the Leader over the coming weeks, and influence the strategic direction of PMI OVOC. We will be sharing our notes from some of these presentations over the next few weeks. The R3 Summit was closed with vote of thanks after rolling out to the President of Ocean State Chapter who will be hosting this Summit in 2015 at Rhode Islands. The first presentation was by Rhonda Scarf, a well-recognized Professional Speaker, Trainer, and author from Ottawa who spoke about the concept of invisible influence.

Want to read about our notes about her presentation, click on READ MORE.More

2014 Symposium Early Bird Registration Draw

Register by July 11, 2014 and your name will be entered into an Early-Bird Registration draw for a "TABLET." That's right! One lucky registrant will win a TABLET! For more information about event details and registration, please click here.More

PMI OVOC website facelift

The PMIOVOC website will be upgraded in two stages over the coming months. Stage 1 is mostly a technical one but will introduce a couple of new features that will benefit our membership. In stage 2 we will be updating the website format and content to facilitate a new level of engagement with our valued members. Stay tuned! More

PMI OVOC Exam Prep Study Groups

PMI OVOC operates a PMP Prep study group under the guidance Abdallah Abi-Aad. The Study Groups run from 600 PM-8:00 PM. The last session of this series will be held June 11th, 2014. Executing, Monitoring and Controlling and Closing Process Groups will be covered. If interested in participating, please contact Abdallah directly at More

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