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Jun. 24, 2014

2014 PMI OVOC Symposium Call for Speakers

PMI OVOC welcomes speakers to take part and get involved in the most exciting chapter event of the year. Gain market visibility in the PM community as a Symposium or Workshop guest speaker. More

PMI OVOC 1st Website Upgrade: Rescheduled for June 27-28, 2014

The PMI OVOC Website is about to have the first of two upgrades. The first upgrade is scheduled for overnight June 27-28th and will mean the site will be offline for about 3 hours starting at 1:00 am. We will be spending the day Saturday making sure everything is ok after the upgrade. This upgrade will include two new features of interest to the membership:

Single sign-on: As OVOC members you will no longer be required to use a separate set of user ids and passwords for and your PMI id and password for the website. Your PMI login id login will be used for both.

Responsive Website: the new website engine will automatically scale the website for all of your devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone) and their varying screen sizes and resolutions.

The second upgrade which has yet to be scheduled will include changes to the site format and content. Stay tuned for more news!More

2014 Symposium Early Bird Registration Draw

Register by July 11, 2014 and your name will be entered into an Early-Bird Registration draw for a "TABLET." That's right! One lucky registrant will win a TABLET! For more information about event details and registration, please click here. More

PMI OVOC Volunteer Opportunities

PMI OVOC continually works to enhance existing programs and build new ones for the benefit of our members. We are fortunate to have many capable and motivated members supporting the chapter as volunteers. There are many exciting opportunities to contribute and we welcome you to join our team to take an active role in supporting our mission to promote project management.

We currently have several open positions for Marketing and Social Media. For a detailed list of our volunteer opportunities, please click here. More

Northern Alberta Institute Technology launching new project management degree program
Journal of Commerce
The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) plans to roll out a new bachelor degree in early 2015 designed to train the next generation of construction and project managers. The four-year program is unique in Alberta.More

6 steps to earning all your Professional Development Units
As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), the last thing you want to happen is to have your certification suspended. This happens if you do not earn the required 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) within your three-year recertification cycle. More

Art of managing: Shiny objects and the senior management team
PM Hut
One of the value killers found inside many organizations is the out of control pursuit of too many new initiatives. The resultant too few resources chasing too many projects, is a sure-fire way to create organizational stress as initiatives fall short, inefficiencies skyrocket and employees, stakeholders and customers grow perturbed. More

Golden rules of project management in the fight against corruption: PMI-Montréal submits a memorandum to the Charbonneau Commission
Canada Newswire
PMI-Montréal, the largest project management association in Quebec, recently submitted its memorandum to the Charbonneau Commission. Believing that their expertise can contribute to the fight against corruption and collusion, the organization proposes a series of recommendations that aim to minimize deviation and abuse in the management of public projects. More

7 apps for simplifying project management
Enterprise Apps Today
It's important to get project management right because how well managed a project is can be a key determinant of its success. Luckily, there are countless websites and applications for managing projects, assigning tasks to team members, tracking project progress and more. More

How to measure anything
Herding Cats
When it is said that we can't forecast or estimate, it brings a smile. Since in fact forecasting and estimating is done all the time. Not always correctly, and not always properly used once the estimate is made, but done all the same, every day in some domains, every week and every month in the domains I work. More

Agile certifications: What's the value?
PM Hut
Do you really need an agile certification to be effective on an agile team? Technically no. But if you are someone who is looking to make a role transition or have an extensive background in waterfall environments, it could be a great tool and demonstration of your ability to make that transition.More