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Dec. 9, 2014

Nominations required for PMI OVOC Board Election

(Deadline: Jan. 9, 2015)

Make a difference in your profession, meet influential community members, and get involved to help shape the future of PMI OVOC! The final day to submit your name for election to the OVOC Board of Directors is Friday, Jan. 9, 2015.

If you are interested or wish to nominate someone, please contact Colette Martin, Chair, 2015 OVOC Elections Committee, at

Click here for the Board of Director Organizational Chart to give you an idea of who is responsible for all the wonderful things the Chapter does. More

Interviews with the OVOC Board

In the series "Know the members of the board" at the Ottawa Valley Outaouais Chapter (OVOC), I have been asked to interview each of the board members, and will be bring you those interviews over the following week. I'm Rahul Majumder, one of the many volunteers that make PMI OVOC so successful.

I recently interviewed Sharon Burke, our President at OVOC. Click here to read interview. More

PMI OVOC Strategic Plan for 2015

The PMI OVOC board has been developing the Strategic Plan over the last month. On Saturday Nov. 1, and Monday Dec. 1, the PMI OVOC board met to refine our core purpose:

To advance the practice, science and profession of project management throughout the Ottawa Valley and Outaouais region in a conscious and proactive manner by engaging all existing and potential members, relevant professional communities, and businesses and by providing current information, resources, and activities.

The various activities developed for 2015 revolve around the following four values found by clicking here. More

PMI OVOC sponsorship opportunities

PMI OVOC welcomes partners and sponsors to become involved in our exciting programs and events. PMI OVOC has established a sponsorship program that supports sponsors and delivers benefits to members through membership discounts, financial donations, service donations, and donation in kind.

Click here for detailed information on our many sponsorship opportunities. More

Agile project management — a misnomer
PM Hut
Agile project management is almost a misnomer, in Scrum there is no such role as the project manager. However as project managers we may be asked manage agile projects.More

Project management apps: How 3 popular picks stack up
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Portfolio Management: A Pulse of the Profession Report
PMI's Pulse of the Profession issued an in depth report on Portfolio Management. Organizations are increasingly recognizing that portfolio management can help them make the decisions that will set them apart from their competitors. More

PMI Educational Foundation

PMI Global has created the Project Management Educational Foundation (PMIEF), which focuses much of its work on preparing young people globally for success in college and career utilizing project-based learning (PBL) and project management. The PMIEF is developing innovative ways to bring project management skills and project-based learning to students to enhance their educational experience. Their efforts are supported by the generous support of donors like you.

As 2014 comes to a close, please consider a gift to PMIEF. An end-of-year charitable contribution to PMIEF will help us continue to develop and make available no-cost resources critical to supporting teacher training. Teachers and their students across the globe are the real beneficiaries of your gift!

Click here to read more. More

Volunteers welcome

PMI OVOC continually works to enhance existing programs and build new ones for the benefit of our members. We are fortunate to have many capable and motivated members supporting the chapter as volunteers. There are many opportunities to contribute and we welcome you to join our team to take an active role in supporting our mission to promote project management.

To learn more about the PMI OVOC Volunteer Program, click here. More

Building software before requirement are stable?
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