Jun. 13, 2014

Bag Makers promotes Pete Gleason to director of sales strategy
Bag Makers
Bag Makers, Inc., the promotional product industry’s leading imprinted bag supplier, has promoted Pete Gleason, MAS, to Director of Sales Strategy. Gleason, previously a Regional Business Development Manager for the company, will take on greater responsibilities related to sales development.More

US Open makes it because you buy it
Welcome to the 2014 U.S. Open merchandise tent at Pinehurst, where golf fans and their money are soon parted. The 39,000-square-foot swag palace has everything from balls and markers that'll run you a few bucks, to framed autographed course artwork that sells for $1,250. They'll slap Putter Boy on anything, including wine decanters and boxer shorts, knowing we're likely to buy these souvenirs to complete the U.S. Open experience. More

How to design a killer logo with super lame fonts
System fonts are like Top 40 radio: Fine for the masses but easy to snub if you’re of more discerning taste. It’s easy to look down on the default typefaces we find on our PCs and Macs (think Verdana, Comic Sans and Arial), especially if you’re in the business of making fonts look good. “As graphic designers, we tend to spend a lot of time and energy picking out bespoke fonts,” says Natasha Jen, a partner at Pentagram. “My habit was to always think, what will be a new cool font for this, or what’s the most exquisite cut for that?”More

6 action points when your company is facing disaster
Business 2 Community
Nobody wants to lead a company into difficult or even perilous financial circumstances but, when such a situation arises, a robust and sensible approach from directors can make all the difference in steering a business away from danger and disaster. So here are five action points for business bosses faced with a bleak financial outlook.More

What small businesses do better than corporate America
Small businesses — those with 500 employees or less — remain an essential piston of America’s economic growth. After the number of startups dropped to record lows in 2009,they bounced back 12 percent in 2011. Small businesses accounted for 42 percent of U.S. private sector payroll in 2012 and 63 percent of new jobs, according to the Small Business Administration. And as business professors, we three have recently watched entrepreneurship programs sprout like dandelions in American business schools, partly in response to students who no longer aspire to an organization-man (or woman) career.More

Gap to be first US retailer to sell 'made in Myanmar' goods
Industry Week
Over a decade after sanctions against the former junta slashed the country's textile industry, Gap is to become the first American retailer to source garments made in Myanmar, the U.S. embassy in Yangon said. The embassy said products made at two Yangon factories would be in Gap stores by this summer, in the latest sign of growing interest from multinationals in the fast-changing former pariah state.More

A risky way to get deadbeat clients to pay: Shame them online
Bloomberg Businessweek
Self-employed writer and designer Mikey Rox doesn’t like to use it, but every once in a while he turns to a sure-fire method to collect money from clients who don’t pay him what they owe. “I send e-mail after e-mail, month after month, and I get the same, sad sob story or ‘the check is in the mail,’” he says. “Or they don’t communicate at all.” More

Delta Apparel to consolidate North Carolina production
Textile World
Delta Apparel Inc. — a Greenville, N.C.-based manufacturer of branded and private-label activewear and headwear — has announced plans to transfer some of its fabric production for basic, blank T-shirts from its Maiden, N.C., plant to its Ceiba Textiles facility in Honduras, in an effort to lower product costs on basic T-shirts.More

How to generate sales on social media
Business 2 Community
Can you generate sales on social media? If you ask a professional agency or an expert, they would say, social media is mainly for creating brand identity. But you can expect sales from social media if you are aware of some basic factors. First of all, social media cannot help you meeting your sales target overnight.More

USPS door-to-door mail delivery may soon end
Mail delivered to your doorstep could become a thing of the past. Currently, there are more than 37 million homes and businesses that have mail delivered directly to the door. Now, a bill in Washington is looking to change that — putting 15 million households at risk of losing home mail delivery. The controversial bill was approved by a U.S. House committee.More

Tee Compressed unveils unique promotional apparel
Fibre 2 Fashion
Promotional product creation company Tee Compressed is offering clients a service that few others can provide — compressed promotional apparel. These are items, like a T-shirt, tote bag, or towel, which have been compressed into an exponentially smaller, unique shape, in many cases one that has relevance to the client's business. More