PRIMA RiskWatch
Feb. 14, 2013

As sequestration looms, cities create their own economic fate
When it comes to localities and federal funding, it may be time to cut the cord. Some local finance leaders say that whether or not sequestration happens, they are preparing for leaner times ahead when it comes to federal aid. And, along with this growing independence, is an increasing effort by cities for greater accountability and efficiency.More

How to market a health insurance exchange
Scribbled in purple marker on a poster board at the front of the room were these words: "Message: Affordable Health Care." That's the message that officials at the Washington, D.C., Health Benefits Exchange want to deliver to the public. Now they just have to figure out how to send it.More

Pittsburgh seeks grant to buy hovercraft for river emergencies
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Pittsburgh residents may see an emergency hovercraft zipping across the top of the three rivers this summer. The city is seeking a Department of Homeland Security grant to buy a new hovercraft that will allow river rescue personnel to address two problems: How to safely approach riverbanks without puncturing their regular boats and how to deploy during water emergencies when the rivers are iced.More

10 ways to improve high-density cities
The Atlantic
Getting the right city density — generally expressed in the U.S. as people per square mile or homes per acre — to support sustainable and pleasant living is one of the trickiest problems we face as we address the future of our communities.More

Should municipalities be protected from liability in sledding accidents?
A Better Iowa
A bill in the Iowa House would exempt cities from liability if someone is injured while snow sledding on city-owned property that has been designated for the activity and which meets design standards for sledding. Sioux City leaders have pushed for the legislation after settling a lawsuit for more than $1 million.More

City denies police brutality insurance claim
A Mequon, Wis., man with a history of protesting will not get anything from Port Washington, Wis., in connection with an alleged police brutality incident after the city denied his claim recently. Bill Wisth, 54, said Port Washington police beat him up during an arrest in September following an attempted confrontation with his son, who he said owed him money.More

Why municipal bonds still make sense in 2013, the year of income
It just keeps on getting better for muni investors, and 2013 is shaping up pretty well already to be the "year of income." While much was recently said about the future of municipal bonds, investors were finally able to take a breather following the fiscal cliff negotiations and talks about whether to tax muni bond interest or not. Although there was a lot of chatter around it, that's all it was — chatter.More