PRIMA RiskWatch
Mar. 1, 2012

Security planning under way for national conventions
The Miami Herald
Security plans are taking shape for the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., and the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., efforts that will cost over $100 million and involve thousands of police officers and National Guard members.More

New York City Council considers new overpass safety measure
New York Post
The New York City Council is considering requiring all city properties with elevated overpasses to have high fencing - a safety measure that critics say is too costly and might not be necessary in some cases.More

Storms cross the Midwest and South, crushing towns
The New York Times
A powerful storm system tore through parts of the Midwest and South, killing at least 12 people, leaving pockets of devastation across several states and marking the acceleration of another deadly tornado season. Tornadoes and powerful winds tore off roofs, downed power lines, tossed mobile homes and injured more than 150 people from Kansas to Kentucky, according to the National Weather Service. More

Experts: Dropouts could help fight cyberwars
Preventing and fighting cybersecurity threats has little to do with having the most advanced technology and everything to do with having a well-trained workforce, according to a panel of IT and homeland security officials who met in Washington to discuss the issue.More

New pension report shows growing expense of retiring in San Diego
Unfunded liabilities throughout San Diego County’s pension funds are on the rise, with 10 out of 17 cities paying more to feed the unfunded systems. Most of the cities' plans are just 60 percent funded, the report found.More

Risk management controls reviewed after stage collapses
Business Insurance
As underwriting scrutiny increases for event liability exposures in the aftermath of recent stage collapses, insurers are looking at risk management controls to better understand the risks.More

Stockton, Calif., moves closer to bankruptcy
The New York Times
Stockton – a struggling city of 300,000 in California’s Central Valley – moved a step closer to becoming the nation’s largest city to declare bankruptcy, as the City Council voted to seek mediation with public employee unions and major bond creditors in an effort to restructure the city’s finances.More

Iowa House approves 2 gun bills
The Associated Press via
The Iowa House approved two gun-rights measures night that sparked Democrats to stage a walkout earlier in the day, stalling action for six hours. One bill would allow people to use deadly force to protect themselves and the other called for writing gun rights protections into the Iowa Constitution. The second measure would have to be approved by another legislative assembly next year and then be referred to voters.More