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Mar. 14, 2013

Spy chief calls cyberattacks top threat to US
The New York Times
The nation's top intelligence official warned Congress recently that a cyberattack could cripple America's infrastructure and economy and suggested that such attacks pose the most dangerous immediate threat to the United States, more pressing than an attack by global terrorist networks.More

Legality of Pittsburgh's fee for off-duty police work questioned
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Pittsburgh's fee for the private use of off-duty police — the handling of which is under federal scrutiny — was never properly legislated and may not be legally valid, governmental officials said recently, as city council prepared for a vote that would codify the charge.More

Jury finds District of Columbia not liable for overdetentions at D.C. jail
The Blog of Legal Times
A Washington federal jury recently found that inmates were unconstitutionally overdetained at the D.C. Jail between 2007 and 2008, but that the District of Columbia government wasn't liable because they didn't find evidence of "deliberate indifference" to the inmates' rights.More

Unintentional damage to citizens can cost local governments big money
Dayton Daily News
Local governments conducting everyday business sometimes cause unintentional health issues for citizens or damage to private property. And when that happens, the governments sometimes have to pay up to correct the damage.More

Parking lot tussle may leave Utah cop liable
Courthouse News Service
The 10th Circuit revived claims against a Utah police officer who threw a man to the ground, ultimately causing "severe traumatic brain injury," in a traffic stop. A camera affixed to the squad car of Herber City officer Jason Bateman captured most of his 2005 stop of Becker over in a market parking lot.More

D.C.'s pensions are looking pretty
The Washington Post
In case you were seeking further proof that the District of Columbia has perhaps the most enviable municipal finances in the nation, the Pew Center on the States recently released an analysis of employee pension funding among 30 of the country's largest cities.More