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Mar. 22, 2012

Security measures kept up at city's Jewish sites
The New York City Police Department is continuing its heightened security at synagogues and other sites around the city following a deadly attack on a Jewish school in France. Extra patrols are in place at more than 50 locations in the five boroughs, including the Museum of Jewish Heritage, the Israeli Mission to the U.N., and the 92nd Street Y.More

US municipality defaults another blow for insurers
A growing number of U.S. cities are choosing to fund essential services like public safety and garbage collection over making payments on their outstanding debt, as rising costs and falling revenue deplete their budgets.More

$6.1 million 'Clean & Safe' plan launched in Atlantic City, N.J.
The Philadelphia Inquirer
Unless the "Queen of Resorts" is clean and safe, visitors won't come back, and investors won't finance the projects needed to turn it into a world-class travel destination. That is the thinking behind a $6.1 million plan announced recently that enlists 12 local, county and New Jersey state agencies and the casino industry to heighten security, expand the use of law enforcement technology and target blight in Atlantic City.More

City pays the bill for limit on liability
Times Herald-Record
Police in Middletown, N.Y., know the building at 90 Linden Ave. almost as well as the tenants did. Records show that police had to visit the 12-apartment building an astounding 250 times in three years, including a call to investigate a stabbing death this winter. Now, the city has condemned the building, moved the tenants out and started to clean up garbage inside and out.More

Fear, sadness and incomprehension on streets of Toulouse, France, after deadly shooting
In the pink-hued streets of Toulouse, France's "Ville Rose," flags are flying at half-mast: The city is in mourning — and shock. In just over a week, three brutal shootings have left seven people — including three young children — dead, and two more fighting for their lives.More

Cities can legally withhold 25 percent of an insurance check
Everyone buys insurance coverage expecting to get back every dollar of their claim from losses. But some are surprised when the city where they live withholds some of the pay-out. It's been nearly three weeks since a tornado touched down in Branson, Mo., and some business owners and homeowners are just now getting their insurance checks to start rebuilding or repairing.More

Louisiana lawmakers look to shield last-resort insurer
from class-action

Property Casualty 360
Louisiana lawmakers are considering legislation that could make a battle between policyholders and Citizens Property Insurance Corp. over more than $100 million moot. Citizens, the state's last-resort insurer, is currently on the hook to pay a class of policyholders about $104 million.More